Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fresh Flows

Wale feat. Lady GaGa- "Chillin"

The first time I heard of Wale was when my best friend was humming the melody to this track. All I needed to know was Lady GaGa was featured on it and I was on it! This is a good look for GaGa, expanding the wings. Wale is sure going to get airplay for this one!

"Look at that, look how they lookin' at me, Eyes all sticky like honey on bees."

Kanye West- "Paranoid" (Starring Rihanna)

I find it funny how Rihanna is starring in this video. Truth be told she was the one paranoid looking through Chris Brown's cellphone, hmmm. I like the concept of the video but it's just blah. A lot more couldve been included, more fashion perhaps? Any who cool concept, blah execution.

David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland- "When Love Takes Over"

Well, well, well, Miss Kelly. I'm actually diggin' the song and video, just not her last hair style. This is definitely a feel good track! This is exactly where I'm at in my life! You get this sensation crawling through your skin and then B A M! You embrace a feeling of freedom. A feeling as though you can accomplish anything in the world because you just don't have love, you indeed have the best love possible, self-love. When love takes over.

MGMT- "Kids"

MGMT has kept us waiting entirely too long for this! It's actually worth the wait! MGMT has always delivered for me. They completely rock my dress socks! Next time you go out to a club, request MGMT and watch them GO!


E g y p t..........Lisa<3 said...

okay seriously. Gaga is like the next lil wayne and I mean that in a good way. Her career is only blooming from here. You going to see her featured in everyones video. She bringing the music industry something they have been lacking for many years which is Originality and TRUE RAW TALENT. yessssssssssss bitchhhh!!! Straight ovahhhhhh hunnie...

i live for Kanye. But Im still wondering why all of sudden starring Rhianna for his "PARANOID" video?????.....what do you think


M said...

I must agree with Egypt.

lady gaga is on fire and on her way to being a legend. Kanye is just fire. Even though Im not feeling Ye's video, its aight.

DeEs NuTz said...

this music is tiiiiight yo!good looks on the ipod update. excaept that kelly song thas not my kinda style ya feel me? keep doing ya thing beau

Shenita said...

I love the video the only person I was listenin to was GaGa lol.. and that Paranoid video. No comment..

Anonymous said...

MGMT. hawt <3