Friday, October 31, 2008

" You're Not Really There And I Don't Wanna Be Either, I Wanna Be Next To You.."

Take a look at a couple of my favorite pieces from the Bulgarian fashion designer Petar Petrov's Fall/Winter '08 Collection :

I'm really feeling Black And Gray right now. I know you're suppose to let your clothing do the talking but, I'd rather be viewed much more than just my appearance. Don't get me wrong appearance is key, but sometimes you want to make it simple and let your personality do the talking.

Peace, Love, Music, And Sex

Beau Averee

I Want It!

_____ The Blackberry Storm______

The Verizon Blackberry Storm is very similar to the Apple Iphone but its said to be the best touch screen phone to date. Although the blackberry is usually perceived as a business phone, the storm will be equipped with varies of multimedia capabilities including up to 16 GB of memory. The storm is the first blackberry to offer a camera that takes print-quality pictures and video recording. A november release is expected for the Blackberry Storm through Verizon wireless. For more features click here.

Side Note: I've always wanted a Blackberry so I can be on my Naomi shit and just bust someone upside the head with it, Its crazy but true! Take that take that! Toma!...weirdo.

Peace, Love, Music, And Sex

Beau Averee

The Epitome Of Ignorance

During an interview Soulja Boy said the most jaw dropping thing ever! Then the journalist put him on blast..

Then came Soulja Boy Tell Em. I asked him, “What historical figure do you most hate?” He was stumped. I said, "Others have said Hitler, bin Laden, the slave masters..." He said, "Oh wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we'd still be in Africa."My jaw, at this point, was on the ground. "We wouldn't be here," he continued, having no idea how far in it he'd stepped, "to get this ice and tattoos."

...........Im speechless.

You Discuss..

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Beau Averee

" The Dumb N*gger Receipt"

Keith Slater, 22, bought footwear from Journeys, but later returned them after finding an alternative at another store. Slater received more than a refund
Printed on the receipt to identify the customer are the words “Dumb N*gger”.
“When he showed me that receipt, I could not believe it. He couldn’t believe it.
I couldn’t believe it. None of us got any sleep just thinking about it,” said Slater’s mother, Linda.
Slater’s father, Keith, feels that “the appropriate thing to do is to terminate the employee because it’s just inappropriate for that to be there, and then to have that deleted from their system.”
The Slaters filed a complaint with mall security, and a representative of the U.S. Department of Justice said it would refer the case to the FBI to determine whether a civil rights violation has occurred.
Journeys issued the following statement:

“While we are continuing to investigate this incident, it now appears that an employee in one of our stores entered highly inappropriate statements in a form used to process a merchandise return. Needless to say, such an act was not authorized by Journeys, and will not be tolerated. This employee has been terminated.
At Journeys, we pride ourselves on valuing and respecting every customer. We are shocked and sickened that a former associate could be responsible for an act so out of keeping with our culture and our values. We profoundly regret this incident.”

Can you believe this bullsh*t!? Oh hellll nooo! This is why the world is where it is now. People are still holding on to that ignorant mentality. People who know me understand that I could never hate anythingt hat God has placed on this earth but, Racism is one thing I DO NOT tolerate! When I seen this receipt I was completely and utterly shocked...* Mouth Wide Open* and all.


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Beau Averee

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beau Averee Missed You!

Set Une:

Photographer: Philipp Mueller
Stylist: Rene Gloor
Model: Omahyra Mota

Set Deux:

Ms. Blackberry For Hercules Magazine.
Peace, Love, Msic, And Sex
Beau Averee

Friday, October 17, 2008

"I'Am..." Official Album Covers & Tracklistings

Beyonce` has confirmed that her upcoming album," I Am..." will be a dual disc album detailing" I am...Beyonce`" & "I am...Sasha Fierce". Below are the tracklistings ( The features and songs arent completely finalized so changes may occur.) and the song writing credits since there were rumors regarding her single " If I Were A Boy", BC Jean did write " If I Were A Boy" BUT she's getting paid for it! So Beyonce` didnt just up and steal her song, for the record.

Official tracklisting and writing credits below:
I Am…Beyonce

1. “If I Were a Boy” (Toby Gad and Beyoncé Knowles)

2. “Halo” (Ryan Tedder and Beyoncé Knowles)

3. “Disappear” (Amanda Ghost, Dave McCracken, Ian Dench, and Beyoncé Knowles)

4. “Broken-Hearted Girl” (Stargate and Beyoncé Knowles)

5. “Ave Maria” (Stargate and Beyoncé Knowles)

6. “Smash Into You” (C. “Tricky” Stewart, Terius “The-Dream” Nash, and Beyoncé Knowles)

7. “Satellites” (Amanda Ghost, Dave McCracken, Ian Dench, and Beyoncé Knowles)

8. “That’s Why You’re Beautiful” (Andrew Hey and Beyoncé Knowles)

I Am….Sasha :

1. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” (C. “Tricky” Stewart, Terius “The-Dream” Nash, and Beyoncé Knowles)

2. “Radio” (Jim Jonsin, D-Town, Rico Love, and Beyoncé Knowles)

3. “Diva” (Shondrae “Mr. Bangladesh” Crawford, Sean Garrett, and Beyoncé Knowles)

4. “Sweet Dreams” (Jim Jonsin, Wayne Wilkins, Rico Love, and Beyoncé Knowles)

5. “Video Phone” (Shondrae “Mr. Bangladesh” Crawford, Sean Garrett, and Beyoncé Knowles)

6. “Hello” (REO and Beyoncé Knowles)

7. “Ego” (Elvis “BlacElvis” Williams, Harold Lilly, and Beyoncé Knowles)

8. “Scared of Lonely” (Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins)

9. “Why Don’t You Love Me?” (Beyoncé Knowles, Solange Knowles, and Bama Boyz

Peace, Love, Music, And Sex

Beau Averee

" If You Don't Vote For Yourself, Vote For Me."

The The Crown World Kids made an incredible video shifting the attention away from selfish adults and drawing it to the real situation: " If You Don't Vote For Yourself, Vote For Me."

Peace, Love, Music, and Sex..(And Obama!)

Beau Averee

Faceoff: Obama VS. Mccain

The October, 15, 2008 debate was held literally right up the block from me. I personally want to thank the senators because they were the reason classes were cancelled at my college, THANK YOU rusty old man with bright yellow teeth and THANK YOU future president!

Sidebar: Did you notice how Obama kept laughing and rolling his eyes at Mccain? LOVE IT!

Besides that, Obama was swinging! He laid out his plan perfectly and plainly said this is my blueprint for our future and I believe that my actions as President will fully satisfy your needs and they will! For those who keep saying "Well Obama's plans will raise our taxes!" well its like this would you rather send your child to school and have to worry about their protection? would you want your child to get just enough education? would you want to keep a job thats paying you minimum wage and is making you work your ass off? Do you want to keep living pay check to pay check?Do you want to keep spending all your tax money on war rather than natural energy? EXACTLY, Hell No! So STFU and let him restore our America!

VOTE FOR OBAMA OR SHE WILL BE YOUR PRESIDENT!( Ill Give Mccain 6 months in office IF he evens makes it):

BTW Obama you need to find a way to make getting frozen when you die a little cheaper because I dont have Disney money right now and you and I both know that greatness just can't be placed in a box and get buried!

Peace, Love, Music, And Sex

Beau Averee

"Hello Hearbreak"

Ummm yea...Michelle Williams only sold 14,000 copies of her Unexpected in her first week.

I actually liked her album it was something totally different from what you would expect from Michelle but I think she should get shipped to the UK right along with Kelly Rowland. I know she would be more successful there because of the vibes her songs portray. The UK embraces a wider variety of genres rather than just Pop and R&B. They allow artist to test and experiment with their work rather than placing them in a box and set whats expected from them.

America isnt all the way complete in the process of fresh and unique music. For example Solange's Sol-Angel and The Hadley Street Dream, That album was off the hook! I Loved it! It's still on repeat! but yet its peak was only number 9 on the billboard charts. Hence Solange's mix tape record " Fuck The Industry".

People are so used to this artificial bubble gum shit! It sickens me how people pass up and dismiss great music.

If you get a chance download Michelle's " Hello Heartbreak" and " Stop This Car" and let me know exactly how you feel. try to undo the brainwash that the U.S society has processed and just let go..

Peace, Love, Music, and Sex

Beau Averee

Saturday, October 11, 2008

"If I Were A Boy"

Find more videos like this on Double Kisses!

Factory made Beyonce` is Back! I wish she just would come out and say "This isn't who I'am, I've been trained and now it's time to show you who I'am. I'm ready to make music that can be felt in the bones."

To be honest I really didn't like her new singles at all..But after I heard them a coupe of times, just like any other Beonce` song, It grew on me.

I LOVE the video! Can't wait to see "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)".

Let It Marinade..Thoughts?

Friday, October 10, 2008

You're Nothing But A...

" The long wait is finally over" is what bloggers across the world are saying..

Well the song is cool and I know this for a fact- Only Britney can pull this off because if someone else would've done this song it most definitely would've been a flop!

The video is cool, Kudos Britney!

Lets just hope this time she gets it right..."Gimme gimme morrre!!"


Peace, Love, Music , And Sex

Beau Averee

"And Watch Me YOUUUUU!!!"


Finally! Ugghhh I just cannot stand this little girl!

Now Let's continue laughing and replay it.

Peace, Love, Music, And Sex

Beau Averee

Random Thought Of The Day: Escalators Were Designed for Lazy People.

So as Im rushing to work this afternoon I try to speed walk up the escalator when this huge woman cuts in front of me and just stands there!

Why do people do that!? I wanted to say " Oh Sure!, Trust Me Auntie Anne's Isn't Going Anywhere!" But I kept my cool.

I realized all this time I used these devices, I was just being lazy! I understand that some people are old or others are tired but for the rest you're just plain lazy!

Like you can't get a little bit of exercise and walk up stairs?..FATASS


Peace, Love, Music And Sex

Beau Averee

Fresh Out Of The Box!

My current Box Office favorite is "Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist"!

I loved that movie so much I seen it twice, back to back!

It's just like a teenage NYC love story!, For me at least.

" Norah!!!!, My Gum!!!"

You HAVE to go see this film! It reminded me so much of my first love story minus the whole mix tape plot. Roof parties, drunk nights ending up at random parties, and just feeling free of all troubles, until you had to take the LIRR at 6am lol

P.S if you're grossed out by a drunk girl dropping her gum in a toilet bowl of vomit and sticking her hand in it , finding the gum and putting back in her mouth I would'nt recommend it.

3 out of 5 stars.

Magic Brought The Cure

I remember my first genuine ugly scar
Not too far from yesterday
But miles away from today
Couldn't fathom how you managed
My skin always glowed
Envied complexion actually
You took your dagger
Stabbed me and twisted it in my soul
Pulled it out quickly with chunks of flesh still on that glorious blade
I embraced it like a warrior
No flinching, crying, pleading, or rushing for aid
Yes I mended that wound
No the walls didn't cave in
How could you possibly and succesfully seduce one of my right hands?
I could've slowly sliced that hand off
But my system processed it beneath me
I had a notion:
Decieving Queens always had a tea party
Yes queens sip on my marinated blood!
One thing is for sure
Once you draw blood from a Eutopian and indulge in it
You're cursed for all eternity
Did you know Karma was my mother?
And boy is she an overprotective one!
You shall beg for her mercy down on your knees
She won't me
How will that taste?
Well not twice as nice as Heaven like my blood was
I was healed and emerged like no other
Most try to find the cure but they only receive a temporary potion that will help them along the way until black crows come to their rescue
I was chosen
Just remember don't fuck with a mother's son because you will find out how it will taste

Love, Peace, and Sex

Beau Averee

The Taboo: Beau Averee

Well the Viper Crimson In me never died but I have brewed up yet another character that seems to be taking control over my live and let me tell you, I'm not mad at it!

Iam the creator and part of the INCROWD

But I needed a getaway with the people that can relate to my realm.

So I give you Beau Averee..

I've he's been plotting on me for so long now


He's Rich, Addictive, Elegant, Sternly Outspoken, Intelligent, Organized, Always on point, Mysterious, Seductive, Actor, and writer.

See Viper Crimson was such a wild one! he would always end up in some trouble, partying all the time, Non chalant, Rude, Never focused, Didn't give a fuck about anything!, He was a model and was always in the spotlight.

But as people mature in years, it only takes me months.

Love, Peace, And Sex
Beau Averee