Friday, October 10, 2008

Magic Brought The Cure

I remember my first genuine ugly scar
Not too far from yesterday
But miles away from today
Couldn't fathom how you managed
My skin always glowed
Envied complexion actually
You took your dagger
Stabbed me and twisted it in my soul
Pulled it out quickly with chunks of flesh still on that glorious blade
I embraced it like a warrior
No flinching, crying, pleading, or rushing for aid
Yes I mended that wound
No the walls didn't cave in
How could you possibly and succesfully seduce one of my right hands?
I could've slowly sliced that hand off
But my system processed it beneath me
I had a notion:
Decieving Queens always had a tea party
Yes queens sip on my marinated blood!
One thing is for sure
Once you draw blood from a Eutopian and indulge in it
You're cursed for all eternity
Did you know Karma was my mother?
And boy is she an overprotective one!
You shall beg for her mercy down on your knees
She won't me
How will that taste?
Well not twice as nice as Heaven like my blood was
I was healed and emerged like no other
Most try to find the cure but they only receive a temporary potion that will help them along the way until black crows come to their rescue
I was chosen
Just remember don't fuck with a mother's son because you will find out how it will taste

Love, Peace, and Sex

Beau Averee

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Anonymous said...

can you say future awesome author?