Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mariah Carey- "Obsessed" ( Video Shoot )

For MC's latest single, Obsessed, she underwent a major transformation from a ultra diva to a stalking perv! Definitely taking a different route with this one!

As far as the track goes, I don't believe it deserved the "single treatment". This track is border line corny/OK. I'm feeling the message behind the song though! There is nothing like a delusional stalker who spreads lies about something that never was! Rumor has it that this song was written for MC's number one fan, Eminem. Ouch! Remember those statements he was releasing regarding him and Mariah hooking up? Whether they're true or not, I don't think we will ever find out...or will we? What's a better way of putting him on blast than releasing it as your single? The song is kind of catchy but it's overall blah!

It's true that music is evolving but is the route she wants her sound to take? What ever happened to singles like Vision Of Love and Always Be My Baby? The songs that actually had a meaning worth listening to. Songs that people would actually make it to number one and that people would actually buy!

GaGavision:Cute As A Button

The Lady was in Manchester, United Kingdom on Monday, June 29th, doing what she does best. Words cannot explain how much of a beast she is! GaGa is truly paving hey way as an international icon!

GaGa also recently visited Singapore and delivered quite an interview. She gave a Q&A at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on June 14th and looked amazing doing it! She speaks on everything from the fighting Pussycat Dolls and NYC vintage shops to explaining the "fame" she refers to in her album and what makes her go GaGa. Check it out:

Solange Knowles' Pussysuit

Singer/Songer writer/ Actress Solange Knowles performed at the 39th annual LGBT San Francisco parade in this rainbow metallic catsuit. Solange looks like a gay super hero, in a good way. I really like this get-up! Leave it to SK to have them talking!

SK flaunted her outfit via Twitter and also talked about her experience:
"Had a blaasssst. Camel toe and all! SF pride I wuv you and I wouldn't have missed ya for tha weeerrllld."

My Sister's Keeper

If you intend to see the new Cameron Diaz flick My Sister's Keeper, I must warn you: the movie's ending is completely different than the novels and that has left those who have read the book a little upset.

Change is inevitable. But devoted fans of the Jodi Picoult novel seem to be very angry that the film takes a 180 turn in the end, changing the vibe and message of the piece.

The main character was initially suppose to die but they gave the film a more "Hollywood ending". Now the scene is the complete opposite.

Whelp, that's Hollywood for you! You give them a masterpiece and they want to dilute it for mainstream purposes.

Jodi Picoult's statement on the ending was:

"Having the ending changed would certainly not have been my choice. I wrote the
ending very intentionally because I wanted to leave the reader with a certain
message. And changing that ending changes that message. However, I am excited to
see the movie and to judge it on its strengths."
Are you going to hit the theatres to watch this movie?

Demi Takes A Tumble

Disney star, DemetriaLovato, had a spill at one of her concerts this weekend while performing "Until You're Mine".

I'm sure she knew it ws headed directly onto Youtube as soon as all of those tween fans got home!

Well, at least she laughed it off and kept the show going.

Check it out above and fast forward to just after 1:05.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Gisele Bündchen's Bun In The Oven

The eye brow raisings are growing since photos of the supermodel, Gisele Bündchen, in Brazil this week showing what seems to be a growing baby bump. Bündchen and New England Patriots quarterback husband Tom Brady were hitched twice this Spring, first in a ceremony in Los Angeles Feb. 26, then exchanging vows with close friends in early April at Bündchen's Costa Rica home. Bündchen is expected to deliver her precious child in early December. Congrats!!

Michael Jackson Memories

1958- 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kelly Rowland- "When Love Takes Over" (Acoustic)

Kelly Rowland's single, "When Love Takes Over", has hit #1 in the UK! Rowland performed an acoustic version of the track when she visited The Sun's 'The Biz Sessions'. I'm glad she's not living in Beyonce's shadow anymore. Kelly is definitely paving her own path! This song just makes me feel good inside! It makes me realize how blessed I truly am with all these genuine and loving people I'm surrounded with.

It reminds you of that spark you feel when you say someone's name. That random smile your face fixes when you think of a special moment you share with someone you love.

"The most best and beautiful thing in the world cannot be seen or even touched. It must be felt with the heart."- Helen Keller

P.S- Wouldn't you think Kelly would have one of the best hair stylist? Why would she come out the house with that on top of her head? Sheesh.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ciara - 'Work (ft. Missy Elliott)' Video

Review coming soon!

From A Beautiful Mind

Within less than a month my views of everything has almost completely turned. My priorities have shifted, My suborn eyes have open, and I have received a great amount of blessings. There are many intense situations that I have encountered that have changed my perspective of a lot of people in my life. I've gotten closer with some and distanced myself from others. One out of many lessons I have learned: Only a handful of people can handle a real friend. Some are just accustomed to associates and fake friends. People always wonder why others are always more than willing to become close with Beau Averee. They now know why. Everyone has different definitions of what a friend is. Mine is definitely more family-like than associate-like. If I wanted you to be an associate then I would refer to you as so. I thought that the efforts I put into so many friendships would make a difference, they did, but not the difference I would have liked. Instead I got clarity of people's true intentions and colors. Now I'm always a positive person but I was constantly slammed with negative energy. I overcome. I always asked myself "why do I always over look the ones that I really should be close with and tend to go after the ones who I feel there is a story behind?" There is a story behind everyone. I thought and stated that I needed my best friend. That statement is false. I didn't lie, my emotions steered me wrong. I'm not modest enough not to state that I'am a strong human. There are many mistakes I have made but I'm not perfect. Those mistakes that I gladly endured became a shovel to dig out my own path to where I need to be. Where I wanted to be was definitely not where I needed to be.

"We as human sometimes lose touch of reality and tend to build our own world. A world that revolves around us that denies what is in front of us."- Beau Averee

There are so many people that have came into my life to destroy it and deliver negativity. I'm the kind of person who likes to see the good in people. I believe that I can be the one that can get through steel walls and cross over alligator infested moats. At the end I end up swallowing my words. I have done a great amount of things for people but never have I once asked for anything in return but appreciation. I've had so many people that just take, take, take, and take then I explode. People sure take my kindness for weakness but little do they know it doesn't take much for me to forget them. I will remain generous and kind but now I know who to deliver these things to.

As of today, I have no expectations of people, this way there is no way of me becoming disappointed. I'm letting people play the role they intend to play in my life. I'm not forcing, asking, repeating, and definitely not tolerating anything that isn't meant to be. I'm more focused on MY life. I have a lot going for me and I intend on reaching impossible levels with or without anyone. I'm bringing people close to me who inspire, motivate, and push me to be a better person. So far I have a few that have been here with me since the beginning. I'm ready to move mountains with my energy and I shall. There is a long and foggy road infront of me but I have the sun right behind me. I have embraced. I have accepted. I have grown.

"My life is like wine."-Beau Averee

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Behind The Scene "Sweet Dream"

"Welcome to Brooklyn!"

I'm finally seeing some kind of real personality from Beyonce, rather than that fabricated image. I'm definitely feeling this video and I'm so happy she stepped out to work with an up and coming director for this one! She gets props for that. Looks like this one should be a winner. It's something completely different than what you would expect from Beyonce, let's hope I don't have to take that statement back.

Insane In The Membrane!

Brian M. Viveros

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Broken Hearted Girl" & "Ego" (Remix)

Beyonce realeased her "Iam..." anthology video album today and released Broken Hearted Girl".

Beyonce is definitely giving us some of her acting chops in this video. I love the translation of the mood in black and white and then the transition in color. It's simple but it works! This is one of her most heart felt records on her latest LP.

Find more videos like this on The Celebrity Network

The "Ego" (Remix) video is the same as the original, just Kanye's scene edited in . Blah. I appreciated the choreography but to entertain and satisfy someone like me, you need to go that extra limit. Kanye's verse is the business!

More Beyonce releases later on today.

What do you think of the video?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Keeping It Alive!

PS 22 Choir in NYC's Staten Island has re-created Lady GaGa's "Just Dance" and I must say this shows exactly why we have to keep music alive in our school systems! For many children, music is a way out, a way of deeply expressing veiled emotions, and an activity to definitely look forward to. Without music, there is no life. GaGa would be proud! Enjoy!

Sole Searching

Hot Or Not?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

From The Vault: Diana Ross

The ultimate Diva, Diana Ross, has graced us with timeless records and original style through-out our time. Diana Ross has influenced just about every artist that is currently in the limelight. Her distinctive sound has paved the way for our current "Divas" . I must say though, there will never be another Diva like Diana Ross. From "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" to "I Will Survive", classics that are still played on a mildly hot July afternoon during a traditional family BBQ. Her flamboyant style set international trends through-out the globe while still picking up new fans along the way.

Such an influential figure deserves her own day. Let's vote for "Diana Ross Day"! This legend shall always be remembered by her grace, style, hits, and of course being the epitome of a real Diva. As well as always remembering The Supremes with amazing songs like "Baby Love" and "Stop In The Name Of Love". The Supremes have made it that girl groups like Destiny's Child and TLC get the same opportunities as male groups and solo acts. With matching outfits and batting lashes, The Supremes have also played a major role style wise. Their songs shall be played decades from now just as much as they get their spin now. Flaunt your sequin dresses with your feather boa and play dress up with Diana Ross!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Laugh Of The Day

This video definitely made me laugh! But unfortunately it's a link rather than a actual video.


"Have some tea you British piece of crap!"

Yelling "F*ck everybody!" while leaving the building.

"And you will be definitely calling me on the phone saying "Ian can we hang out" and I'll be saying "No" and I'll be hanging up"

"Ian you are fantastic!" and you know what I say to them?.."Thank you, I know"

" Hey, how you been?"

"Rubbish, thats British for garbage? Like, what is that? like, who says that word even?"

Stylecon: Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon's music has graced our ears for years. Her style has set major trends from the music industry to the runway. Constructing a band, Sonic Youth in 1981 associating with the "No Wave" movement in NYC, Gordon always expressed her taste in fabric with fitted shirt dresses, Disco sequin infused tops, and trashed denim. Even though Gordon refuses the title of "Fashion Icon" she is very much so involved in the fashion industry, so much as that she created her own line, Mirror/Dash .In an interview with the New York Times, Kim Gordon explains the intentions of her line:

“We’re actually trying to do something a little less trend oriented, a little more classic, that might appeal to someone say who used to shop at Urban Outfitters but wants something slightly less young looking.”

Hint magazine called the collection “edgy” and “feminine,” adding that Mirror/Dash includes “minimal, wearable and with organic materials, featuring slouchy T-shirt dresses and smart cropped blazers.” This line is what numerous Urbanheads, People who shop at Urban Outfitters 24/7, are strutting down the paved sidewalks in New York. With classic lines and shapes as well as rocking out to my favorite Sonic Youth jam, "Sugar Kane", Kim Gordon is a Stylecon.

Must Be Love...

We've patiently waited, I guess, and it's finally here! Cassie's music video for "Must Be Love" is not quite what I expected. Although I must admit, I do love the song but the video is mediocre. The lighting I'm loving! The concept is blah. What is wrong with these video directors?! Lack of creativity. I'm not just going to blame the directors, The artist as well should have an input! How the hell do you follow up a good song with this low quality video? GaGa where are you?

How do you feel about the video?

Friday, June 12, 2009

The GaGa West Fall Tour!

The "Love Game" Singer, Lady GaGa and the talented Kanye West are set to tour together this upcoming fall! This isn't going to be just your ordinary tour, GaGa and West are marked to both take the stage at the same time! How? I have no idea.

I'm calling Ticketmaster as we speak!

Will you be attending this spectacular tour?

Bazaar: Uma Thurman July 2009

Staring at you straight in the eye on the July 2009 cover of Harper's Bazzar, Uma Thurman experesses her versatility when it comes to her look. I always admired Thurman's fashion file cabinet and the way she steps out on the magic carpet, ageless. No matter what she does through-out her career Thurman manages to stay poreclein-like, regal, and timeless. Pick up your copy of Harper's Bazzar right now!

Isabel Marant Fall 09

Debuting from the new "IT" label, Isabel Marant, comes these lovely shoes. I know I'm late on posting the RTW collection but these I had to post! For the french designer's Fall 09 collection, Marant included super delicious wearable tunics, suit jackets with pagoda sleeves and rolled to a ¾ length and animal print skirts along with sophisticated and sexy mini dresses . Many fashion addicts may not get the idea for this shoe but let me tell you, I do!

Who said you can't be conmfortable and stylish? Right now I'm in a simple monochrome world and I'm truly appreciating the shades that compliment the foil texture and the amazing fur coats! I'm loving the over-sized coats with the leopard pieces, A chic mini dress topped off with a sharp black blazer is sure to turn heads!

Introducing: Olivia Broadfield

The name is Olivia Broadfield, a British songstress whose voice and mellow flow will take your mind on a trip down memory lane in every shape and form! Broadfield shimmers with an electro-pop vibe while delivering a sweet and warm vanilla mood. "Don't cry" I believe is the best way to introduce her mesmerizing symphony.

Sounds like: A scoop of Frou Frou/ A tablespoon of Feist/ A pinch of Regina Spektor

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stylecon: Zoe Kravitz

"American Woman" singer Lenny Kravitz's offspring, Model, Actress, Singer, and Socialite, Zoe Kravitz, is making a stamp on the fashion world through her vibrantly funky yet elegantly cool look. Dealing with numerous fashion art magazines implementing your closet to regurgitate what you should wear for the season comes a fresh face with a F*ck you attitude. Undeniable style added with respectable trendsetting abilities. Its pleasingly fresh to see Zoe becoming a fashion icon through plenty of wardrobes with different personalities. Kravitz goes from one extreme to the next but always making it look effortless. Loving the art that is fashion and appreciating vintage, Zoe Kravitz is a Stylecon.

One might not know that Zoe is indeed in a band! Elevator Fight is the name and thrashing the mic is the game. I honestly haven't heard a group like this in a while and their music makes me wanna jump up and down with a 40 in my hand. A sound that has that rock & roll foundation and then built up with all the new sound that is out now makes the perfect jam session when you're ready to rock out! So far my favorite Elevator Fight jam is "Paloma" and "Broken Glass".Deep. Check out their introduction:

A Timeless Record

I was peppered sprayed until my eyes seen Nirvana
I played the fool by allowing myself to limit and lower my standards
You were the objective
But even though my skills played cautiously, The emotions I bottled up
Quicksand was mistaken for solid ground
Then my mind I could not turn back around
You sly dog, you!
Our friendly flirtation brewed a volcanic eruption
Playing the innocent role you tried to evaporate my being
Taken what matters most to me every time our lips met
Now, I'm going to take you for a walk in the park
To recap your loss
I'm not here to laugh, beg, cry, or even justify
I'm here as light, while you openly play in the dark alleys
I found you through the trail of condoms you left
Giggled to myself as I witnessed your game
But I always win, so there is no game to play
While you haven't mourned your loss yet
I'm building a new life
You're not half the person people see you to be
But you're twice the person I figured you'd be
You see, I reached a new level
While you constantly trip over your dignity and who you're trying to be
I'm always going to be captain of the ship
You just became "man over board!"
Now let me re-introduce myself
With two fingers in the air

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Accessory Charge:The UNEARTHEN Edition

UNEARTHEN designer, Gia Bahm, takes her time creating these spectacular gleaming crystals infused with a potent empty bullet shell.The distinct powers and potential in each of her crystal creations allow a mezmerizing addition to any wardrobe. Each single crystal has it own character and is completely unique from the next. Take on Black Tourmaline, a stone known to repel and protect against negative energy. Kyanite, mentioned to stimulate/inhance communication and the continuation of goals. Even though these beautiful necklaces are on the high price end, their healing powers are incredible!

UNEARTHEN Introduction:

It is possible that most Unearthen pieces have already chosen their bearers. The uniting of the crystal and empty bullet creates a powerful opposition, causing old dreams and new beginnings to fall upon its bearer. For this reason, the stone with the right properties for your needs will inherently attract you. Each crystal carries distinct properties. Its aims may be to clear your mind, focus your heart on goals you struggle to achieve, provide comfort in difficult times, or simply remind you of the balance between destruction and creation. Please choose your Unearthen piece with care.

Aurora Borealis

I see spaceships over the ocean at night
It calms the waters
Revives the temple where I lay my head
The new morning beams awaken the spirits
It is time for brighter beams to nourish my roots

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fresh Flows

Wale feat. Lady GaGa- "Chillin"

The first time I heard of Wale was when my best friend was humming the melody to this track. All I needed to know was Lady GaGa was featured on it and I was on it! This is a good look for GaGa, expanding the wings. Wale is sure going to get airplay for this one!

"Look at that, look how they lookin' at me, Eyes all sticky like honey on bees."

Kanye West- "Paranoid" (Starring Rihanna)

I find it funny how Rihanna is starring in this video. Truth be told she was the one paranoid looking through Chris Brown's cellphone, hmmm. I like the concept of the video but it's just blah. A lot more couldve been included, more fashion perhaps? Any who cool concept, blah execution.

David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland- "When Love Takes Over"

Well, well, well, Miss Kelly. I'm actually diggin' the song and video, just not her last hair style. This is definitely a feel good track! This is exactly where I'm at in my life! You get this sensation crawling through your skin and then B A M! You embrace a feeling of freedom. A feeling as though you can accomplish anything in the world because you just don't have love, you indeed have the best love possible, self-love. When love takes over.

MGMT- "Kids"

MGMT has kept us waiting entirely too long for this! It's actually worth the wait! MGMT has always delivered for me. They completely rock my dress socks! Next time you go out to a club, request MGMT and watch them GO!