Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Timeless Record

I was peppered sprayed until my eyes seen Nirvana
I played the fool by allowing myself to limit and lower my standards
You were the objective
But even though my skills played cautiously, The emotions I bottled up
Quicksand was mistaken for solid ground
Then my mind I could not turn back around
You sly dog, you!
Our friendly flirtation brewed a volcanic eruption
Playing the innocent role you tried to evaporate my being
Taken what matters most to me every time our lips met
Now, I'm going to take you for a walk in the park
To recap your loss
I'm not here to laugh, beg, cry, or even justify
I'm here as light, while you openly play in the dark alleys
I found you through the trail of condoms you left
Giggled to myself as I witnessed your game
But I always win, so there is no game to play
While you haven't mourned your loss yet
I'm building a new life
You're not half the person people see you to be
But you're twice the person I figured you'd be
You see, I reached a new level
While you constantly trip over your dignity and who you're trying to be
I'm always going to be captain of the ship
You just became "man over board!"
Now let me re-introduce myself
With two fingers in the air


Shenita said...

Owwww I loved it!!!! Deuces lol I like how u end it

M said...

You inspire me to be the best that I can be. Beau you are the epitome of phenomenal and your work speaks for it.

M said...

I meant to ask you a question, who is this poem about? If it's even dedicated to someone. I firmly know it's not about me. smiley face


Thank you so much you guys!

@M- It's not so much dedicated to anyone. It is actually a phase that I'm sure everyone goes through at one point in time. The "Timeless Record" is basically going through hell in a relationship and then, finally having clarity and moving on.

Jayne Neverow said...

"Quicksand was mistaken for solid ground." Wow. Such a simple but deep premise. I am literally witnessing the evolution of Beau Avery with every word I read.

Fantastic and more importantly honest piece of work. Keep 'em comin'!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best pieces Ive read! Beau is amazing. <3


I really appreciate your feedback! Thank you so much!

Pharell Hilton said...

okay so you are def a poet and therefore speak the undenible truth (which is somewhat of and understatement) thank god your my friend and i would def hate to be the person twhich to whom this may or may not be directed to .. lmao your fuckin awesome bitch!!!let that heart sing

lilith marshall said...

i found your blog through google and i must say this piece is incredible!
just know you have a supporter in Liverpool

Jelly Bitch said...

Since i know what, and who this is is so true! i loved it. Hot Sexiness

t w i q q y Tea` Cup said...

Tenisha` snaps heRr finqers
ahh ` like whats up with a bo0k?
remembeRr u cant be stuck in the same place that u weRe last yeaRr
take uRr poetry` and Move FowaRd
l o v e u much ` and keep up the Exell`ent work :-)


Appreciate the feedback!

A book is definitely in the works!

Thanks again.

-Beau Averee

Gabby said...

UMM I would buy your book :D

Lol this poem should have u as the captain of the ship in a photograph :] that would b cool!!

lilith marshall said...

this is still such a great piece!
its my wall