Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Accessory Charge:The UNEARTHEN Edition

UNEARTHEN designer, Gia Bahm, takes her time creating these spectacular gleaming crystals infused with a potent empty bullet shell.The distinct powers and potential in each of her crystal creations allow a mezmerizing addition to any wardrobe. Each single crystal has it own character and is completely unique from the next. Take on Black Tourmaline, a stone known to repel and protect against negative energy. Kyanite, mentioned to stimulate/inhance communication and the continuation of goals. Even though these beautiful necklaces are on the high price end, their healing powers are incredible!

UNEARTHEN Introduction:

It is possible that most Unearthen pieces have already chosen their bearers. The uniting of the crystal and empty bullet creates a powerful opposition, causing old dreams and new beginnings to fall upon its bearer. For this reason, the stone with the right properties for your needs will inherently attract you. Each crystal carries distinct properties. Its aims may be to clear your mind, focus your heart on goals you struggle to achieve, provide comfort in difficult times, or simply remind you of the balance between destruction and creation. Please choose your Unearthen piece with care.


Shenita said...

owwwww i want one. But not for $460 u better suck sum d*ck!! i'll get a fake one

M said...

Aren't these the ones that you were interested in purchasing? M see a gift in the near future ;)


-@ Shenita Yeah boy, these things are expensive but I really want one! I'm just not following your procedures to obtain one.

-@M Don't worry, I got this!:)

Anonymous said...

Cute! <3

lilith marshall said...