Sunday, October 11, 2009


Tiffany Evans, Beast.

Just turned 17 in August.


"Umm, excuse me... and I don't mean to sound too forward, but where have you been all my life?"

After moon dancing under the club's hypnotizing lights, nirvana hit us

This universal language challenged my beliefs

The weeping electric guitar played symphonies that only Greeks Gods could witness

But today, today I witnessed the gospel

Praising it

The blood roses dried up

My melodramatic antics vanished

Your stern approach had hold of my art

My life

Yet my mind processed a dark veil

"Look, another one"

Don't think, just speak

These four words sent a massive wave through the insides of my blood cells

Never have I done this, but there is a first time for everything, right?

My obsession with one, duplicated

Truly amazing how your whispering touch healed my concealed pain

Concealed pain that was hidden underneath the Loch Ness monster

"You feel like heaven"... your heart spoke

"Just don't take it all away" mind hoped

I can't breathe

In the smokey dark, there, right there, it was hidden

Rotating lights dancing along an intoxicated soul

Feels, feels like the first time

A few sex drives with a few glowing shots, perfect

This fantasy was more incredible than my childhood imagination created

We sweat lust, licked horror, and found love...with three

The sum of us

I don't want to open up my eyes

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


With single rain drops

Let the wonder unfold

Jump with no thought

Live with leopards in the wind

But remember, never justify your love

Look beyond your mind's gibberish talk

Discover Eutopia

Rely on the sun's gold

Dance in the moon's private glare

Drink the Grigio of passion and embrace tomorrow's laughter

...become addicted

Single raindrops

Silver chants with harmonies of delighted angels

Live in this moment

Right here

Hear the calling before your eyes

Sleep to live, not to dream