Friday, March 26, 2010

A Bitch Named Hope

I toss and turn


I feel like I'm slacking, still trying to make a way out of no way

I've ran thousands of miles to drink you up

I miss you

What has happened to us?

Have I bruised you?

I've tryed my best to believe in the butterflies, but the odds seem to win and I can't help but to feel that colorless void

So many masks to uncover

So man bridges to build

A lot has enlightened my pathway, but many have willingly pissed on evolution

Tomorrow may seem a few hours away, but yesterday still stays here

Here with us, with so many trys

How can I recover what I always knew I would lose?

Clarity screams my name, but her pitch is so vague

It's been a while since the palm trees have blessed the wind

Have we missed the signs?

The concrete breaks as your sweet voice caresses my skin

You're still here, even after all the shit I've done, you're still here

You remain faithful

I've never forgotten, but I've seemed to search for a greener grass

No luck...

You'll be here

He'll be here

She'll be here

We'll all be here

We're just here for the moment