Friday, April 24, 2009

I've Been Kidnapped!

OK, OK, so I said I wasn't going to create a Twitter account! A lot of people were asking me for my Twitter link and I said " Twitter?!, Ugh." and look at me. I just can't believe that all these people think their life updates really matter to people. I can understand celebs. but damn!

First, Myspace then, Facebook Now, Twitter!

I know I have some interesting stuff to say, what about y'all? I promise you, my Twitter shall be worth the addiction!

....My mother wants a Twitter account now....Sheesh!

Follow Me!
Follow Me!
Follow Me!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Kiss Is A Quiet " I Love You "

Hello readers! I'm in the process of making a lot of moves dealing with my career. I haven't really spoken to anyone about what I'm doing but, I'll just say that everything is going to change! It's not going to happen overnight but, I'm just keeping VERY positive and secretive about this...shhhh!... I'm turnin' tables up in this bitch! I'm loving life right now, as I always do! Things are where they should be and I'm truly grateful for everything I have been blessed with. A lot has been on my mind about certain situations that I'm torn about. I have no regrets, ever. I view everything as a lesson and a stepping stone. My life wouldn't be how it is if I dwell on a lot of things that have occurred. Some decisions may hurt but, in the end, I'm happy and that's all that matters, right? right.

My love life...*GASP*... Yes, love life!!, is going AMAZING! It's a great thing when two souls that have an extreme amount to offer come together as one. I never really thought I would be able to have someone that adds on to who I'am. No one completes you but you. I don't depend on anyone for anything! I have learned not to expect anything from anyone. If you can't add to my being then why bother? Gladly, I have a secret place to retreat to. We shall be the ultimate power couple!

Kiss....I kiss you there and I feel it here....I've never wasted a kiss, ever. I never comprehended how people can just be at nightclubs and " make-out". Your body is a temple and if you choose to grant access to someone....make sure they respect and cherish it! A kiss allows two body energies to zap at a touch of lips. It purifies your love zone while booting your Kama Sutra levels. To me sex and kissing is giving up a piece of who you are. Too bad not many people can really indulge in the true meaning of a kiss and the genuine definition of SEX. The secret behind a perfect kiss? you have to mean it.

A kiss is a quiet " I love you".

Photo by: Theodore Urban, Welcome back from Italy!.

GaGa + Jonathan Ross = " Super Delicious"

Part Une:

Part Deux:


Who knew that " Pokerface" was about your sexuality? I just thought it was about playing it cool with someone you're really diggin'. Anywho, I'm loving GaGa's swag! She is killing them with her game, no questions asked. GaGa has given hope...

Performance = " Super Delicious "

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Savoring A Human

In this dark corner he wept
Finished and raised up
Looked in the mirror and fixed his hair
Gently placed that smile on his face that brightens everyone's day
He knew his place in your heart
There was nothing he could to
Tried to accept it
He found himself gawking into space
Not empty but full of space
Maybe in another lifetime we could be....or not
He keeps on trying to defeat this
He is at war with these feelings
Feelings that shouldn't be
He catches himself wishing that tingling sensation to dry up
There is no doubt in his mind where you belong
But he can't
His karma is already tainted by speaking of this
He even tried savoring a new flavor but it felt like acid to his taste buds
You carry your poker face so well
This allows him to make the ripping of the vein in his heart that leads to you easy
Stonger he grows
I guess you'll never know how wonderful he really is
He doesn't mind because its not where it is
It's only where he wants to be
Better sooner than later
I guess you'll never know how wonderful he really is
Fuck!, this cigarette isn't lasting long enough
This too shall pass
On a morning sunset it will all diminish
But savoring you he shall not forget
forgive me
It's time to go

Monday, April 6, 2009


You see, down there was no place for me
I admired
Almost tripped down there
But you see, life, life, life
ahhh yes
It adores my aura
I unconsciously end of where I want to go
But, I almost always end up where I need to be
You see, we were fools
But Mama ain't raise no fool
So that character made me itch
I fell too quick
Thank God for quick reflexes
Though this made-up face conceals when my body cries
I had to let you go
Even though our souls could never depart, I know where I stand
Excuse me, but my ego just said, " I'm The top priority"
So if you aren't ready for the real deal, keep that candy pushing
It's delirious down there
And I do my best work on top
You see, these words are my own
No false pretense
My voice echoes down there
The vision is clear
You see, down there is no place for me right now

Laugh Of The Day

If I ever feel like I'm going to have a bad day, this is the video that does it for me!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beyonce's IAM Tour 2009

As many may know the IAM Tour has started and Beyonce` is back at it again...ugh. I used to actually love Beyonce` but she hasn't done anything for me lately. Her latest CD wasn't all that great, her tour is obviously just like The Beyonce` Experience, and her stylist needs to be fired! Don't get me wrong B can perform her ass off but I mean put some kind of creativity into your tour. You're suppose to be Beyonce` the great and people have placed standards. B's tour looks cute, will I get a ticket? Maybe, If she gets it together before she hits the states.

Watch the clips below to sample the tour.

P.S the videos are low quality and clearly recorded by fans. Bare with me until I recieve official copies.

To be Fierce or not to be Fierce?

Opening- "Sweet Dreams"


"Scared Of Lonely"

Skit-" Be More Fierce"