Sunday, April 12, 2009

Savoring A Human

In this dark corner he wept
Finished and raised up
Looked in the mirror and fixed his hair
Gently placed that smile on his face that brightens everyone's day
He knew his place in your heart
There was nothing he could to
Tried to accept it
He found himself gawking into space
Not empty but full of space
Maybe in another lifetime we could be....or not
He keeps on trying to defeat this
He is at war with these feelings
Feelings that shouldn't be
He catches himself wishing that tingling sensation to dry up
There is no doubt in his mind where you belong
But he can't
His karma is already tainted by speaking of this
He even tried savoring a new flavor but it felt like acid to his taste buds
You carry your poker face so well
This allows him to make the ripping of the vein in his heart that leads to you easy
Stonger he grows
I guess you'll never know how wonderful he really is
He doesn't mind because its not where it is
It's only where he wants to be
Better sooner than later
I guess you'll never know how wonderful he really is
Fuck!, this cigarette isn't lasting long enough
This too shall pass
On a morning sunset it will all diminish
But savoring you he shall not forget
forgive me
It's time to go


Anonymous said...

im digging the vibe

M said...

I get many meanings. what is it really about?