Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Common, Erykah Badu, And Kanye West

Sparkling Moon Shards

I held your hand through the storm
and now you're tell me you're leaving me for the norm
Astonished, I thought I was ready for you
I knew I was
Cried until the moon woke me up
Felt so lost even the stars looked lonely
I managed to use my hands but fell on my feet
The softness of your skin
Led the way for my fingertips
A never ending place, That only you and I knew about
My treasure was only yours but, once you get the best you always look for more
In the end you always end up with less
Conscience always told me you would settle for a whore
Even though I gave you all I had and even more
My body shakes and trembles as you caress my hair
And Im only left with an empty stare
In the mirror my questions just multipy
They come right back without a answer but, with plenty of vanity
You're so weird
Never thought about you again
I guess you weren't true
But I never thought I wasted my time
You helped me across the pond
Thank you


In all reality My love is distant
It wraps around your world without a problem
It embelishes your mind with enchanted memories
The waves from the Dead Sea is taken from its melodic flow
Killer whales swim in circles describing the motion
Angry circus elephants lash back
I would be scared as well, to even think of such bliss
Every human desires true happiness
But My love might overwhelm you
It is true
Walking through the brave desserts, My love conquered wit
Swimming through the Nile, it accepted its truth
Leaping from the Everest, is sewed in stability
Loving those who hated it, My love recycled honor
As each speck of sand fell through the tight hole
it was preparing for the takeover
Though My love's holder was worried that the dogs would never come home
It kept its aim
It is true
My love has built it's hardness to an eleven on Moh's scale
But it's gentle as a pearl
All this time the holder asked if they were ready for the blessing
My love never responded
But the answer was soon revealed with a question
Are you ready for My love?
It is true

Hungry For Something Wonderful

This record mean so much to me at this time. I know have disciplined my emotions to the life I live. I embarked on a journey that seemed to be impossible in the past. Im learning that the standards I hold for potentials isn't as selfish as many claim. I spoke to my bestfriend about a phone call I recieved that almost shattered my being. At the same time I learned that my life and emotions are blooming and definitely maturing. My life is becoming greater and greater but the only problem is that the process may take longer because I now know I tend to really over think things. I also know that the thoughts don't just rush my mind just because. There is always a meaning behind every thought, word, gesture, look, and uknown emotion. I limited myself from many great things. The idea of having a " type" used to make sense to me but now it's just plain outdated for me. You can find true happiness in some people you may NEVER think would deliver such satisfaction. If we limit ourselves then we are settling. Who I was is far from who I'm becoming.

"I wrote a song about your eyes
Ate a slice of cherry pie
I cried all night"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Que & Dawn: Lip Service Edition

I cant quite put my finger on it but, something is "fishy" in this relationship...wait, I got it! The question that is burning my mind is who is the b*tch in the bedroom? I'm glad they were open to answering questions about their sex life but ummm yeah it was just a little too weird for me. I almost gagged listening to Que talk about Dawn.


Get Your Dose Of INCROWD!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Back Room: PANTY HOS!

Description3/20, 10 pm, back, $5



*OPEN BAR 10 - 11!!
This night includes but is not limited to, drunken table dancing, random body grabbing, sexy pole dancing, and of course jamming to the best of NY!

Gaga Vision: No Pants, Stripper At 18, And " It's Fashion!"

Nothing is going to hault the Pantless Pop Princess, Lady GaGa not even 911! The Beautiful, Dirty, Rich singer's often risque yet glam outfits have gotten Gaga in a bit of a tight situation, especially with the police.
The police everywhere keep stopping Gaga for her appreciation of the nude. Gaga says, "It's not that I don't like pants, I just choose not to wear them some days."

Most recently she says an incident happened in Chicago when she headed out in a tiny pair of hotpants. She tells, "I guess they weren't really pants at all, but it was really funny because all you saw was this half-naked girl on the street yelling at some cop "It's fashion! I'm an artist!" It was fun."
Gaga chuckles, "I think no pants is sexy. I love the naked human body. I was working in strip clubs when I was 18."
Does this mean a underwearless summer???

Let Us Talk About Sex With Amber Rose: Lip Service Edition

Ummm yeah this is the girl Kanye West is dating.What should we think? Well most people are so disgusted with people who are so up front with their sex life but I'm not! I love talking about sex, just not about my sex. I really don't share sex stories because I sometimes feel like it's almost going to be handled the wrong way. I've had CRAZY experiences that were INCREDIBLE but I wouldn't mind talking about them if the other party may possibly match or surpass mine.First of all, I would only talk about my sex life with my close friends, which is only about a handful. Secondly, I've heard theirs and I'm almost embarassed to even mutter a word about the pleasures I've recieved.Thirdly, I'm sounding like I've had tons and tons of sex and sex partners but I haven't! Like at all! All this has been done with the few that have actually gotten that far.

On another note: I do want to talk about when people say that their sex is "bangin'". Well see my level of sex is all determined by how high my sex high is. It's like Im going to give you what you're giving me kind of thing. I LOVE SEX! Everything about it! Sex to me is like a portal to another world and another you. I'm not Beau Averee when I have sex and I still haven't come up with a name for that guy. My mind, body, and soul match what that person is giving me. So if you're ready for some off the wall, chain choking, and candle wax melting I'm down! But if you're on some "yeah, smack my ass, pull my hair, and lets get the whipped cream" kind of sex then that is what you're going to get. No I wil not share a sex story" sheesh!

What was your best sexual experience?

You can post anonymous for those who are scared.

Frankie Embarasses Me

But she sure is fun to watch! I wonder what goes on in Keyshia Cole's head when she watches her mothers videos? I know what I would be thinking- " You can't take this b*tch nowhere!"


R&B singer Kelis was out and about with friend Damon Perruzi in the Los Angeles over the weekend celebrating his birthday. It's the first time the prego Bossy wife of rapper Nas has been seen since announcing that she was expecting a little one . The couple have confirmed they are having a baby boy.Congratulations!

How I've missed Kelis! Drop the load and get back to it damnit!!

One of my favorite Kelis records:

Heartbreak Hotel

The muttering silence and whispering walls talked about me while the full moon's glare sneaked in my window
crawling the the creeks of the floor
My heart's chambers collapsed
the footsteps got closer...
I've never experienced such vivid pain
Thoughts in my mind played obsolete
My throat was dry
Hands were dirty
The creaking doors slowly opened
My windows were nailed shut
Each nail hammered in with the tool of my damnation
Wimpering like I was 5 and it was my frist horror film
A silent scream awakened my senses
first hit across my face
second hit, I hit the marble floor
these eyes bled tears at the memories that slowly caressed my veins
my life was depleted
I managed to kick over the only source of protection
my candle brewed angry flames
all these prized possesions were going to become yesterday's tomorrow
I ran until my feet developed blisters
Completely out of breath
But every step I took led me one step back
...so long heartbreak hotel...
Never again shall I me charmed by your wicked smile
Not again will you taste the sweet nectar from my lips
....heartbreak hotel may have many victims trapped...
But my soul and spirit is way too grand for that
Never again heartbreak hotel

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Uh Uh B-Word

.I'm back bitchessss!!!!!!!

jk jk jk

But Iam.

Sorry about the scare..