Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Que & Dawn: Lip Service Edition

I cant quite put my finger on it but, something is "fishy" in this relationship...wait, I got it! The question that is burning my mind is who is the b*tch in the bedroom? I'm glad they were open to answering questions about their sex life but ummm yeah it was just a little too weird for me. I almost gagged listening to Que talk about Dawn.



Defiled87 said...

That was so candid...I think Que is b*tch in the bedroom sho, lol

Theodore said...

i agree with that question!
who is the bitch?
i honestly think Que is!!!

Defiled87 said...

And I don't mean to beg for attention...but I will, can I get some love on blog, I stay supporting both you and Theodore, can I please be acknowledged (friendly tone).

Anonymous said...


Defiled87 said...

Thanks for the support