Tuesday, March 24, 2009


In all reality My love is distant
It wraps around your world without a problem
It embelishes your mind with enchanted memories
The waves from the Dead Sea is taken from its melodic flow
Killer whales swim in circles describing the motion
Angry circus elephants lash back
I would be scared as well, to even think of such bliss
Every human desires true happiness
But My love might overwhelm you
It is true
Walking through the brave desserts, My love conquered wit
Swimming through the Nile, it accepted its truth
Leaping from the Everest, is sewed in stability
Loving those who hated it, My love recycled honor
As each speck of sand fell through the tight hole
it was preparing for the takeover
Though My love's holder was worried that the dogs would never come home
It kept its aim
It is true
My love has built it's hardness to an eleven on Moh's scale
But it's gentle as a pearl
All this time the holder asked if they were ready for the blessing
My love never responded
But the answer was soon revealed with a question
Are you ready for My love?
It is true


Shenita said...

(snaps her fingers) Loved it!

Mike said...

I need to find you an agent ASAP.

Defiled87 said...

I like this too...really good


Writer's Note:

Im not speaking of love as it if were my own. If you read back, My love is capitalized making it a being not just a feeling. The beginning lines are hard to swallow because you have to do your research to really know what im trying to interpret.

Try to define some lines. What do they mean to you?

Anonymous said...

"Though My love's holder was worried that the dogs would never come home", what does that symbolize?


That line is basically saying that rather a person focusing on an the bigger things in life they tend to worry about the little things.

Theodore said...

everytime i get something different
you amaze me!
every word just flows right after another. with true meaning