Sunday, July 26, 2009

Give It Up For The Tourists!

Blind Melon- No Rain

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain

I like watchin' the puddles gather rain

And all I can do is just pour some tea for two

and speak my point of view

But it's not sane, It's not sane

I just want some one to say to me

I'll always be there when you wake

Ya know I'd like to keep my cheeks dry today

So stay with me and I'll have it made

And I don't understand why I sleep all day

And I start to complain that there's no rain

And all I can do is read a book to stay awake

And it rips my life away, but it's a great escape


All I can say is that my life is pretty plain

ya don't like my point of view

ya think I'm insane

Its not's not sane

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Got A Chick Named Superhead, She Give The Super Head"

Author Karrine 'Superhead' Steffans promoted her latest book,"The Vixen Manual", on the CW's news show. Steffans definitely gets a lot of slack for her past and what she has done to get where she is. These news reporters were completely wrong for trying to belittle her on national television, I'm glad she was able to strike back!

I honestly don't feel any disgust towards what she has done. Steffans has simply used what she has to get what she wanted and definitely paid a price for it-she will forever be Superhead. I did read her first book and really felt why she did the things she did. She was raped, abused, abandoned, hated, and was left with nothing. Here she is a beautiful and sexy girl who enjoys sex and the story begins. Let me just say one thing though, there are plenty of people out there who just have casual sex and get nothing out of it! She got paid and I mean PAID. Many would say she was just basically a hooker but I don't see it that way. She said "hey, I love sex so why not benefit from it besides getting a nut?"

At the end of the day she didn't do it for the money, she did it to find love. Many of you can relate on doing a lot of crazy things to find love. We sometimes go through hell and back in life just trying to find that special someone. We put up and settle for the unimaginable. Love is a bitch but yet we need it like the air we breathe.

I once said my first tattoo was going to be "Love Conquers All". I changed my mind.
I realized that it's not love that conquers, it's life that prevails. Life is the foundation to everything not love. Some of you may have different opinions but how can you deny the obvious truth? The beauty that life brings and the things that we do love carry life within them. Life and love are right next to each other, they both have their ups and downs, pains and pleasures, and pros and cons. I've seen cases where love failed and people even tried to commit suicide over a heartbreak but at the end of the day, when everything is over, people realize that they are still breathing. People also realize that after all they are still alive and sometimes we need different genres to confirm that we indeed are still living. I believe that love comes in when we need to learn lessons, to help us out for a certain point in our life, to let us know that there are things pure as white doves yet filthy and tainted like the devil's hands. There is less and less love everyday we live. Love is fading while life is forever. Something shall always be living. Without life we wouldn't have love and sometimes we get the definitions confused but you already know what prevails at the end. At some point in our lives we have a notion that the relationship we are in will last forver because it works so well, I don't mean to be a downer but nothing lasts forever but time and life. People, stop trying to find love! It will eventually come to you!Even worst stop trying to deny to yourself that what you have is true love. Live life and enjoy everything you've always wanted to do rather than worrying about what you keep doing wrong and why!
I've always said "If we keep wondering why then we will never know how".

I want to hear from my readers:

Does love conquer all or does life conquer all?
What is your position on what I've stated?
What experiences can you relate to what I've said?

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Dragon's Last Puff

My dearest friend, Jayne , has asked me to blog about Solange Knowles' new do...or don't. I honestly would've never guessed that Solange would do such thing! I know my readers are asking "what does Beau think?!". Well, I feel like to each his/her own. I always admired how she kept up with her "dragon, as she would refer to her hair, but I wasn't totally shocked at this "stunt". I feel like most gossip sites will say how it's a cry for attention or that she is following the whole Amber Rose and Cassie movement. I don't believe she did it for either reasons. As Solange stated,
"dont. need. your. attention. or. your. co-sign. i am #3. trending topic. before. IRAN. &. some of you cant even locate it on a map. its sad.dont. want. a. edge. up. or a perm. because. im not trying. to make this "a style" or a statement.i. just. wanted. to. be. free. from. the. bondage. that. black. women sometimes. put. on. themselves. with. hair.this. phase. of. my. life. i. want to spend . the time. the energy. and the money. on something else. not in the hair not. mad. at . all of you. that have made your opinions known. and have sent negative. energy. my way. i expected this of you.

VIA Twitter

I must say, I completely agree with her. Solange stated earlier that she wants to focus on her work more than being obsessed with her "dragon". Hair defines a lot of people. It gives your audience an instant view of your personality, I guess. Curly hair has always been my thing and people always assumed that I was outgoing, wild, and mysterious...They were right. Although I co-sign Solange's perspective, she still looks like an old mom. First of all, she needs a shape-up A.S.A.P! She should also color her hair a dark pink, her complexion would automitcally accept the appreciation! That's just my future planning for it. Solange has always been able to be an individual from this wrecked industry. If she wants to shave off all her glorious hair, then let her! She clearly doesn't want to make a "statement" with her ceasar.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fresh Flow: Goldfrapp- "Happiness"

I absolutely love this song and video! This was just on repeat while I was remodeling my room and it created a whimsical and 50's housewife energy. Another thing, how did he jump for that long? Those are some great jumping skills. Happiness is Goldfrapp's second single from their amazing LP Seventh Tree. Go out and purchase this album and embark on the journey I have encountered through Happiness.


The wind has blown
The seasons have gotten stronger and changed quicker
There is no denying that passion still lingers through the cracks of broken trust
A once best friend has transformed into a tourist in Eutopia
Though my tongue I shall bite to prevent breaking your made-up image
I will never forgive the reasons you chose to turn your nose up
Love changed you but I made you
I handed you swag and a pair of pumps in a duffle bag
I granted you abstract while you rocked Baby Phat
The brightest star has faded within you
You no longer hold the same place in my heart
Replaced you shall not be but let go you will be
I keep the positive energy within me
I'm glad that I was able to change someone's life for a greater purpose than intended
Love, oh love
How you swept the closest being right from under my nose
I pray that there will never be a stormy night when I recieve a phone call from a familiar number asking for guidance
Voicemail has plenty of options for you
From my hands I let you go into the galaxy
My blessing I give
Just hoping you don't end up needing GPS
The Rising Crystals' love has diminished into dust
Blowing in gravity with new seeds to plant
Keep praying
I love you

Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?

Can't Read Her Pokerface?

Lady GaGa's press conference in Malta took a turn when the soon to be legend walked on the scene with a contemporary art gracing her face. I'm still on the thought of how she stepped on the scene and took over! She has became the third recording artist in history to have three #1 singles back to back! I yearned for art and my wish was granted. Congratulations GaGa!

The Boss Covers "Oyster"

Oyster celebrates Kelis' trendsetting abilities by praising her stolen accomplishments, by stolen I mean all of these "artist' that have jacked everything from her style to her sound.
She looks extremely nice in these shot but of course they are photo shopped because she is definitely due this week! Even though her divorce battle is getting uglier and uglier, she manages to keep her cool and keep pushing. So much that she is currently int he studio recording new material! I'm excited! Kelis has never failed to deliver for me. Lets hope this new musical revolution doesn't affect her new material so much. Keep it bossy, Kelis!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sweet Dream

Beyonce's video for Sweet Dream has been released and I'm kind of feeling it. I appreciate the art and fashion in this video! BUT I believe more could've have been done with this video. More dreamy/nightmare-ish effects and slight better concept. The beginning, I love! The ending is ok. Beyonce` has always been able to have memorable dance moves that will be ran through the dance floor on a saturday night under the strobe lights. originality is still questionable but performance is undeniable.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'll Send You A Postcard

There is nothing left in my room
I'm leaving today
Don't want to look back, just erase it all.
Let the new vibes melt within
I didn't say good-bye because there was never a hello
My dreams are coming into reality
Thank you, I live.
I had to endure you to make sure the living was breathing
I fought the fire and stayed the night away
When this dove flew, your ego bled uncontrollably
I'm leaving on a good note
....No note at all
Forget me as I shall you
For the night was just born

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Breast I Ever Had"

"Take That D like the Champions that you are!”

This video is hilarious! Kanye West directed it and of course his "unique" abilities produced such humor. This video is cool. The only thing thats great about this song is that it's catchy. My very close friend and I were discussing music just today and had one question: Where is Hip-Hop? Now she is one person that knows her Hip-Hop. Everytime she speaks about and jams to it, she reminds me of the movie Brown Sugar. I asked her opinion on her view of Death To Auto-tune and we see eye-to-eye on what his message is. Jay-Z's new single Death To Auto-tune may screw up people's faces but I don't believe he is trying to disrespect auto-tune driven artist. As I've stated, music IS evolving BUT I agree with Jay-z. Enough with the freaking auto-tune on every word you spit! Don't get me wrong some artist started their careers with the over use of auto-tune but damn! Let's get some lyrically moving music cooking! Let's smoke some of Hip-Hops buried roots and get this show back on the road!

Drake is definitely not your average rapper. He has crossover appeal but where is the swagger? In our minds we have it set-up to have this peticular image of a"rapper" and Drake's appearance definitely doesn't match up to his music! Who knows, maybe he is the one to break that sterotype. Congrats and kudos to him for signing that $3 million contract with Young Money! "Gettin' monnnney!"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

100th Post: Untitled.

Whelp, here it is! My 100th post! I know it's traditional to post something meaningful, so I'm posting something very personal . I'm posting the prologue to my upcoming book. I must warn you though, this is a autobiography of a Eutopian. It's not your ordinary autobiography, this book will include ART, a documentary, pictures, and objects. I wanted this book to translate certain emotions through visions like: a thick rusty nail being hammered into a manicured finger, a glowing angel whispering to a baby, and a beautiful woman with continuously growing hair. Mental pictures. Ideas. Love. Art. Sex. Family. Peace. Betrayal. Words alone cannot command your attention to my experiences. I do not expect you to believe, approve, or ask anything.
Just feel.


In an all white painted room filled with framed memories that were unknown to him, he sat next to the ice cold body that was once his lover. What he felt couldn't be translated to his face because there were no emotions to process. All the sweet walks in the park, late night giggling cellular conversations, and those sweaty raunchy fucks didn't phase him. This body represented something he wasn't-Death. Head over heels for it he was just a few hours ago. It became an it. With no who, what, where, how, and why he moved from one death bed to the next. Making this pattern a fun love game that would never be discovered. Cruel intentions? No, just a mind fuck. Ran his fingers on the wallpaper that was once glued against the wall with true love, laughing uncontrollably. " I win! I win! I win!" the chant echoed through the house full of intoxicated friends. Echoes that would never be heard. Pressing tears on his eye lids he began his infamous Academy Award winning act. Yelling "Why!?" crying through the coked-out crowd he ran for help. " I- I -I why?! Me?! I don't know anymore!! I love.." he freaked out. " Call an ambulance" a guy suggested. Kicking walls and biting himself he convinced these friends. a tortured soul was trapped within those four white walls. Falling in love with such a delicate and devoted human being that he dedicated his life to. A true actor. " No one will ever know" his mind repeated. A truth that would cause endless tears for endless lives.

" I miss you baby!" two years later. Running his normal daily routine he cooked the most delicious breakfast that even Paula Deen dreams about. " Your cheesy eggs are almost done Bae! Bring your ass over here now!" he giggled through the wireless phone "I would love those eggs but I'm wrapped up in this meeting, I'm sorry sexy" the voice regretted. The door bell rang and he rushed to the door. " Hold on Bae, let me call you right back, OK?" he playfully asked " Sure sexy, I'll actually call you when I'm done" The agreement was set but the drastic whirlwind that was behind that vague doorbell ring was going to set the tone for the day. "Coming!" as he opened the door wiping the black pepper from his hands onto his apron while he turned the chrome door knob his whisk abruptly hit the wooden floor. It was like he seen a ghost.

I want to thank my fellow followers and supporters for showing my work so much love! As I always say, I truly appreciate your comments and feedback. Keep supporting and I promise you will see nothing but great things from me! once again, thank you so much!