Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sweet Dream

Beyonce's video for Sweet Dream has been released and I'm kind of feeling it. I appreciate the art and fashion in this video! BUT I believe more could've have been done with this video. More dreamy/nightmare-ish effects and slight better concept. The beginning, I love! The ending is ok. Beyonce` has always been able to have memorable dance moves that will be ran through the dance floor on a saturday night under the strobe lights. originality is still questionable but performance is undeniable.


Napolian said...

honestly i feel like i have seen much better from Beyonce.
its an ok video.
I love the robot ish that was a dope look for her.

Theodore said...

I love the looks in the video,
She is becoming a legend,
i couldve done with better production but i love the concept

M said...

It's an average video. Nothing to "wow" about.

Shenita said...

shiiiit i love it. the dancing the robot thing. i love it lol

Sincerely, D said...

Yes! More could have been done for it, but the overall is pretty good. Love the outfits & the robot part. Much kudos to the blog!

lilith marshall said...