Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The wind has blown
The seasons have gotten stronger and changed quicker
There is no denying that passion still lingers through the cracks of broken trust
A once best friend has transformed into a tourist in Eutopia
Though my tongue I shall bite to prevent breaking your made-up image
I will never forgive the reasons you chose to turn your nose up
Love changed you but I made you
I handed you swag and a pair of pumps in a duffle bag
I granted you abstract while you rocked Baby Phat
The brightest star has faded within you
You no longer hold the same place in my heart
Replaced you shall not be but let go you will be
I keep the positive energy within me
I'm glad that I was able to change someone's life for a greater purpose than intended
Love, oh love
How you swept the closest being right from under my nose
I pray that there will never be a stormy night when I recieve a phone call from a familiar number asking for guidance
Voicemail has plenty of options for you
From my hands I let you go into the galaxy
My blessing I give
Just hoping you don't end up needing GPS
The Rising Crystals' love has diminished into dust
Blowing in gravity with new seeds to plant
Keep praying
I love you


Anonymous said...

damnn see this speaks a undescrible wordss ..andin volumes it seems as though when you write and when you speaks you does so with a thousand tongues as if each tongue fills in the gap whea the last left off without doubt you speak with your heart and soul .. amzing .. WHEN YA BOOK COMING OUT?

M said...

I like how this piece confesses and releases. J.Z.Z is stupid for letting someone like you go, just plain stupid.

lilith marshall said...

bitter always comes before sweet.

Theodore said...

enough said!

Shenita said...

AMEN!you said it..

Gabby said...

sacrifice..i leave with that one word said

love u ray :D