Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Got A Chick Named Superhead, She Give The Super Head"

Author Karrine 'Superhead' Steffans promoted her latest book,"The Vixen Manual", on the CW's news show. Steffans definitely gets a lot of slack for her past and what she has done to get where she is. These news reporters were completely wrong for trying to belittle her on national television, I'm glad she was able to strike back!

I honestly don't feel any disgust towards what she has done. Steffans has simply used what she has to get what she wanted and definitely paid a price for it-she will forever be Superhead. I did read her first book and really felt why she did the things she did. She was raped, abused, abandoned, hated, and was left with nothing. Here she is a beautiful and sexy girl who enjoys sex and the story begins. Let me just say one thing though, there are plenty of people out there who just have casual sex and get nothing out of it! She got paid and I mean PAID. Many would say she was just basically a hooker but I don't see it that way. She said "hey, I love sex so why not benefit from it besides getting a nut?"

At the end of the day she didn't do it for the money, she did it to find love. Many of you can relate on doing a lot of crazy things to find love. We sometimes go through hell and back in life just trying to find that special someone. We put up and settle for the unimaginable. Love is a bitch but yet we need it like the air we breathe.

I once said my first tattoo was going to be "Love Conquers All". I changed my mind.
I realized that it's not love that conquers, it's life that prevails. Life is the foundation to everything not love. Some of you may have different opinions but how can you deny the obvious truth? The beauty that life brings and the things that we do love carry life within them. Life and love are right next to each other, they both have their ups and downs, pains and pleasures, and pros and cons. I've seen cases where love failed and people even tried to commit suicide over a heartbreak but at the end of the day, when everything is over, people realize that they are still breathing. People also realize that after all they are still alive and sometimes we need different genres to confirm that we indeed are still living. I believe that love comes in when we need to learn lessons, to help us out for a certain point in our life, to let us know that there are things pure as white doves yet filthy and tainted like the devil's hands. There is less and less love everyday we live. Love is fading while life is forever. Something shall always be living. Without life we wouldn't have love and sometimes we get the definitions confused but you already know what prevails at the end. At some point in our lives we have a notion that the relationship we are in will last forver because it works so well, I don't mean to be a downer but nothing lasts forever but time and life. People, stop trying to find love! It will eventually come to you!Even worst stop trying to deny to yourself that what you have is true love. Live life and enjoy everything you've always wanted to do rather than worrying about what you keep doing wrong and why!
I've always said "If we keep wondering why then we will never know how".

I want to hear from my readers:

Does love conquer all or does life conquer all?
What is your position on what I've stated?
What experiences can you relate to what I've said?


Defiled87 said...

I believe love does conquer all because it cannot die whereas life is fleeting. It is here today gone tomorrow. Love can conquer the grave, if its true and passon filled. I don't know if you have ever seen the musical, Once Upon This Island...but that idea is explored in that musical.

Life eventually leads to death. Love can become hate but hate is still a very present emotion. Death on the other hand is the lack of life. Death is not present at all. I hope my point is clear.

Love your blog,

Theodore said...

So So true, i believe in true love and i do believe that it has the power to conquer all, but that power doesnt always pull through, unlike the power of life. The power of Life is overwhelming and beautiful. It truly stands over all.

M said...

I have to agree with what Beau is stating. I know that you aren't referring to life as in human life but as in life period. If nothing is living then there is no love. Life id forever whether is be in a plant or another planet. Love comes and goes, then hate replaces it.

Great perspective!

This Bug said...

Wow Beau. You went in on this one. Okay, first things first: Those reporters showed the poorest form of professionalism I've seen in a long time. I never had too much respect for Superhead capitalizing on her sexual romps- but if she was there to discuss the book, they should have let her do that. It took little time for them to assassinate her character and that was wrong.

Now...because you've read her previous book, you may have a better understanding as to why she turned out how she did. Hearing about her background makes me see that she was searching for love in all the wrong places. Many of us are guilty of it. I myself being one of them at some point or another.

Does love or life win in conquering all? It depends on what you consider a victory in my opinion. If love contributes to the quality of life you lead- I'd say that love conquered all. If a love ending leads to a better life- then you can say life won if that was how it was supposed to go. I can think of two very personal experiences where love and life locked horns- and the outcomes were vastly different. You are correct that nothing lasts forever- but we all go through life learning and constantly becoming who we are supposed to be. So all has a beginning and an end. How much love is in your life? How much life is in your love? We can try all we want- but we are NOT the architects of that delicate balance. The last thing we (or any reporter) should do is judge an individual for the path they walked towards either one.

Just my take on it.

Anonymous said...

Life is love. Life is was conquers, love is just a variable


Anonymous said...

btw your amazing beau! <3

Sincerely, D said...

I like this :)
Imma go look for this manuel