Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Boss Covers "Oyster"

Oyster celebrates Kelis' trendsetting abilities by praising her stolen accomplishments, by stolen I mean all of these "artist' that have jacked everything from her style to her sound.
She looks extremely nice in these shot but of course they are photo shopped because she is definitely due this week! Even though her divorce battle is getting uglier and uglier, she manages to keep her cool and keep pushing. So much that she is currently int he studio recording new material! I'm excited! Kelis has never failed to deliver for me. Lets hope this new musical revolution doesn't affect her new material so much. Keep it bossy, Kelis!


M said...

These shots are nice and clearly photoshopped.

lilith marshall said...

shots are indeed nice

Anonymous said...

blindfold me <3