Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'll Send You A Postcard

There is nothing left in my room
I'm leaving today
Don't want to look back, just erase it all.
Let the new vibes melt within
I didn't say good-bye because there was never a hello
My dreams are coming into reality
Thank you, I live.
I had to endure you to make sure the living was breathing
I fought the fire and stayed the night away
When this dove flew, your ego bled uncontrollably
I'm leaving on a good note
....No note at all
Forget me as I shall you
For the night was just born


Theodore said...

You as a writer never cease to amaze me! Bravo

M said...

I agree with Theodore 100%. Not just as a writer but as an individual. You are amazing Mr.Beau Averee.

lilith marshall said...

i get it! post card from utopia right?

Anonymous said...

love the video <3