Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Breast I Ever Had"

"Take That D like the Champions that you are!”

This video is hilarious! Kanye West directed it and of course his "unique" abilities produced such humor. This video is cool. The only thing thats great about this song is that it's catchy. My very close friend and I were discussing music just today and had one question: Where is Hip-Hop? Now she is one person that knows her Hip-Hop. Everytime she speaks about and jams to it, she reminds me of the movie Brown Sugar. I asked her opinion on her view of Death To Auto-tune and we see eye-to-eye on what his message is. Jay-Z's new single Death To Auto-tune may screw up people's faces but I don't believe he is trying to disrespect auto-tune driven artist. As I've stated, music IS evolving BUT I agree with Jay-z. Enough with the freaking auto-tune on every word you spit! Don't get me wrong some artist started their careers with the over use of auto-tune but damn! Let's get some lyrically moving music cooking! Let's smoke some of Hip-Hops buried roots and get this show back on the road!

Drake is definitely not your average rapper. He has crossover appeal but where is the swagger? In our minds we have it set-up to have this peticular image of a"rapper" and Drake's appearance definitely doesn't match up to his music! Who knows, maybe he is the one to break that sterotype. Congrats and kudos to him for signing that $3 million contract with Young Money! "Gettin' monnnney!"


M said...

That title is hilarious! I agree with you and Miss Jayne about the Hip-Hop discussion. Where is Hip-Hop?

lilith marshall said...

breast i ever had? lmao

Theodore said...

well i think Drake is the one to break the mold!
Im deff rooting for him
as for the video
it didnt really do it for me!
I think the concept was (gaga voice) eh eh Nothing else i can say

Anonymous said...

Well said <3

Anonymous said...

lol okay the video was sucky cudda been way better but the song was beyond funny .. in a way i almost tired of drake .. but i wont officially proclaim that until his album dropps .. he kinda is on my shit listen for that terrible perfomance at the BET awards .... he's a cutie but he aint that cute !!!!