Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Summer just called Autumn and said "Good morning!". My life, my life is art and art is my life. It has completely turned around, my life that is. I used to live a life of trying to get those who were lost onto the the other side where there is plenty of sunlight and champagne. I never acknowledged the struggle and toll that all my efforts took on me. Efforts shouldn't take a toll on you. I eliminated those who carried an extreme amount of negative energy in my life. Sadly I used to focus on those people because I thought there was hope... hope shmope. It's funny because now I wake-up every morning ecstatic! I have everything I could possibly want in life. Those people who keep wishing and who are always wondering what if? are those who are never satisfied. Stop wondering and start realizing how blessed you really are! whether you're in a relationship or not, whether you hate your job or don't have one at all, whether you love or hate yourself. You're not happy because you're not allowing yourself to be! My best friend Juicy Jamz and I realized that we are not throwing away numerous years of friendship down the drain over nonsense. That's what we have to start doing, live. Live people, live! Fuck the bullshit and live your life! Everything is going amazingly well for me because I opened up to a new world. This thing, this box society tries to put us in, burn it.Over and over again I tried to find the reason why everything went wrong, when in reality everything had to go wrong for it to be right. - Beau Averee

"You lead a life that most people envy" as my dearest friend schooled me about myself. Those people who mask themselves as friends and continue to talk about who you are as a human being are the ones who envy your energy. Delete those people! As hard as it was for me, I did. When you have so much history with someone, it's hard, but when it's dealing with living a greater life.. later for that. I can now say that I've open my eyes to what's really in front of me. I don't call my close friends, 'friends' anymore because friends are temporary. Family is more like it. We take care of each other like a family. That's my sister. That's my cousin, so on and so forth. WE ARE A FAMILY. My soul feeds of off energy. I am now able to distinguish and organize. I have always been a happy being, always. No matter what goes wrong I manage to stay blissful. many people tried to take that away from me.... and failed. I am: still writing my book, going to college, transferring in the spring semester, working a job that I love, living art with my family, working on numerous projects, embracing an amazing person who adds on to my happiness, traveling more, and in a complete state of bliss.

Life isn't measured by you and I but rather the actions we take. The people we seek. How we live it and how we treat it. Life said to me " I'm going to treat you exactly how you treat me". For that I am grateful. The easiest things in life are the things that corrupt our lives: grudges, hate, lies, credit cards. But if we are responsible and mature we can manage. I don't hate anything, I mean it. I've gotten scrutinized because of it, "How can you not hate murder, rape, cheating!!??". Simple, Love shall heal and I can overcome anything. Keeping that mindset allows your wonderful mind to keep aim of the bigger picture. You get the energy that you put out. It's so much easier to hate than to love, isn't that the truth?