Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rise Of The Crystals

He's Traumatized By Hopes Touch
Cursed By Venus's Lips
Ruled By Mercury's Glow
He Still Hasn't Found What He Is Looking For
Leaning Over The Glass Banister
He Leaps into The Wishing Well
The Well Devoured By Passion That Was Remembered By Yesterday
Bold Actions Meander Through The Broken Glass
"Cry My Love, Its Ok"
Yet His Ego Conceals The Imperfections....If There Are Any
Jumped In His Sleep
That Endless Fall That Leads No Where But Concentrated Thought
"Smile" That Voice Said Again
He Has Overcome The Ruins Of Ancient Lust
He Conquered Not Being A Stepping Stone
At Last The Wind Blows In His Desire
Dictate The Revolving Axis With The Prints Of His Finger
Having These Emotions In A Bind
Constricting Those Who Threw Rocks At His Glass House
London Was All The Equation Needed
Divide The Glass In His Heart
But Please Don't Subtract That Knife From His Back So Quickly
"Love Lies Within Oneself
The Breath Of The Fijian Meadows Was All He Needed
...No One But London...
Clear And Pure As The Precious Bond They Hold
Karma Could Not Touch Such Force
The Prayers Sent By The Greek Gods Were Answered
A Blooming Flower Was Delivered
And Now The Universe Is Shaken By Such Power
How Can These Two Forces Collide?
Pluto Was Casted When They Were Born
Yet They Know Not Of Such Incredible Alignment They Hold
Let Their Silk Petals Fall On A Land Drained
Aware The Seasons
Alert The Seas
Awaken The Prodigy
They Have Arrived ....

Peace, Love, Music, And Sex

Beau Averee


Theodore said...

im sure words can describe how it feels to know true friends are still as passionate as true loves kiss but i cant find them....


This Bug said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. And just like that, I am rendered speechless.

Anonymous said...

get out of my face! this shit is crack

Anonymous said...


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