Sunday, January 4, 2009

An Interview With "Carol's Daughter"

"My mom’s name was Carol and I named my company Carol’s Daughter because it all started with being my mother’s child and how she, my father, and my family made me who and what I am today"

I got a chance to sit down and interview the Founder and President of Carol's daughter, Lisa Price, and I asked a couple of questions that I was curious of. Carol's Daughter was created right from Lisa Price's kitchen in Brooklyn, New York. Named after her mother this line has created a rush through the beauty industry and delivering natural products for your body and hair.


Beau Averee: So my favorite body product is "Love Butter"! where did your inspiration come from in creating this amazing product?

Lisa Price: Well the Christmas of 2005 Will & Jada called me and asked me to create a product that reminded them of christmas so I went to me kitchen and created my base for my body butters and added cinnamon, frankincense, and a couple of other things and created "Love Butter".

Beau Averee: So I'm wearing what was made exclusively for Will & Jada?

Lisa Price: Yes! ( laughing) Love Butter got such a great response that I decided to distribute it to all of carol's daughter stores and place it on the shelf.

Beau Averee: Thats good stuff! (laughing) I'm also a fan of your Tui Herbal Shampoo! what are the notes of that shampoo that make it smell so delicious?

Lisa Price: Well there is Guava, passionfruit, and mango along with other ingredients for nourishing the hair but for the most part that is where the scent comes from.

Beau Averee: I LOVE PASSIONFRUIT! (laughing) maybe thats why Im so attracted to it but I just want to say that my readers are going to love these products once I show off the Love Butter!

Lisa Price: (Laughing)

Beau Averee: Thank you so much! and I would say good luck but it seems as though you dont need luck! (laughing)

Lisa Price: Thank you!

Beau Averee's Favorites:

Love Butter
4 oz.
This unisex scent was made on a whim one Christmas as a gift for some special friends and customers. I wanted to give them something we didn't have. The warmth of the season inspired the blend of honey, cinnamon and brown sugar fragrances. Added to the mix is the sexiness of vanilla and amber. It was brought back for Valentine's Day the following year and it's been incredibly popular ever since.

A Carol's Daughter original.
Excellent for dry to extremely dry skin.
Super rich in mango, cocoa and shea butters.
Paraben, mineral oil, petroleum, and artificial color FREE.

Tui Herbal Shampoo
8 fl. oz.

This herbal blend gently cleanses damaged hair without harsh, moisture-stripping detergents. We added more rich conditioning and moisturizing ingredients to create a thicker shampoo that leaves your hair looking and feeling better than ever. You can still count on the botanical infusion and tropical fragrance that we call Tui.

Scalp-soothing combination of lavender, rose, calendula, nettle and red clover. Complimentary Tui Hair Smoothie sample with any order.

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