Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let Us Talk About Sex With Amber Rose: Lip Service Edition

Ummm yeah this is the girl Kanye West is dating.What should we think? Well most people are so disgusted with people who are so up front with their sex life but I'm not! I love talking about sex, just not about my sex. I really don't share sex stories because I sometimes feel like it's almost going to be handled the wrong way. I've had CRAZY experiences that were INCREDIBLE but I wouldn't mind talking about them if the other party may possibly match or surpass mine.First of all, I would only talk about my sex life with my close friends, which is only about a handful. Secondly, I've heard theirs and I'm almost embarassed to even mutter a word about the pleasures I've recieved.Thirdly, I'm sounding like I've had tons and tons of sex and sex partners but I haven't! Like at all! All this has been done with the few that have actually gotten that far.

On another note: I do want to talk about when people say that their sex is "bangin'". Well see my level of sex is all determined by how high my sex high is. It's like Im going to give you what you're giving me kind of thing. I LOVE SEX! Everything about it! Sex to me is like a portal to another world and another you. I'm not Beau Averee when I have sex and I still haven't come up with a name for that guy. My mind, body, and soul match what that person is giving me. So if you're ready for some off the wall, chain choking, and candle wax melting I'm down! But if you're on some "yeah, smack my ass, pull my hair, and lets get the whipped cream" kind of sex then that is what you're going to get. No I wil not share a sex story" sheesh!

What was your best sexual experience?

You can post anonymous for those who are scared.


Shenita said...

O HELL NO!! too much info

Anonymous said...

who is dis shenita chick?

Mike said...

I wouldn't know any of this...But it's good to know, right?

well when I was 19, this gyal made me fart in her mouth while she rimmed me and I came in her nose.