Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hungry For Something Wonderful

This record mean so much to me at this time. I know have disciplined my emotions to the life I live. I embarked on a journey that seemed to be impossible in the past. Im learning that the standards I hold for potentials isn't as selfish as many claim. I spoke to my bestfriend about a phone call I recieved that almost shattered my being. At the same time I learned that my life and emotions are blooming and definitely maturing. My life is becoming greater and greater but the only problem is that the process may take longer because I now know I tend to really over think things. I also know that the thoughts don't just rush my mind just because. There is always a meaning behind every thought, word, gesture, look, and uknown emotion. I limited myself from many great things. The idea of having a " type" used to make sense to me but now it's just plain outdated for me. You can find true happiness in some people you may NEVER think would deliver such satisfaction. If we limit ourselves then we are settling. Who I was is far from who I'm becoming.

"I wrote a song about your eyes
Ate a slice of cherry pie
I cried all night"


Mike said...

Things get better and better.

Theodore said...

yea shes amazing!!!!!!