Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heartbreak Hotel

The muttering silence and whispering walls talked about me while the full moon's glare sneaked in my window
crawling the the creeks of the floor
My heart's chambers collapsed
the footsteps got closer...
I've never experienced such vivid pain
Thoughts in my mind played obsolete
My throat was dry
Hands were dirty
The creaking doors slowly opened
My windows were nailed shut
Each nail hammered in with the tool of my damnation
Wimpering like I was 5 and it was my frist horror film
A silent scream awakened my senses
first hit across my face
second hit, I hit the marble floor
these eyes bled tears at the memories that slowly caressed my veins
my life was depleted
I managed to kick over the only source of protection
my candle brewed angry flames
all these prized possesions were going to become yesterday's tomorrow
I ran until my feet developed blisters
Completely out of breath
But every step I took led me one step back long heartbreak hotel...
Never again shall I me charmed by your wicked smile
Not again will you taste the sweet nectar from my lips
....heartbreak hotel may have many victims trapped...
But my soul and spirit is way too grand for that
Never again heartbreak hotel


Mike said...

you're definitely back Beau!

This Bug said...

He's BACK, Bitches! Wonderful piece, Beau. Simply wonderful.