Monday, April 6, 2009


You see, down there was no place for me
I admired
Almost tripped down there
But you see, life, life, life
ahhh yes
It adores my aura
I unconsciously end of where I want to go
But, I almost always end up where I need to be
You see, we were fools
But Mama ain't raise no fool
So that character made me itch
I fell too quick
Thank God for quick reflexes
Though this made-up face conceals when my body cries
I had to let you go
Even though our souls could never depart, I know where I stand
Excuse me, but my ego just said, " I'm The top priority"
So if you aren't ready for the real deal, keep that candy pushing
It's delirious down there
And I do my best work on top
You see, these words are my own
No false pretense
My voice echoes down there
The vision is clear
You see, down there is no place for me right now


Theodore said...

Things always look better from the top! But lets not stay here... Lets reach for heaven and beyond!

Anonymous said...

This piece inspired me not to give a fuck anymore, as always, I love it.