Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beyonce's IAM Tour 2009

As many may know the IAM Tour has started and Beyonce` is back at it again...ugh. I used to actually love Beyonce` but she hasn't done anything for me lately. Her latest CD wasn't all that great, her tour is obviously just like The Beyonce` Experience, and her stylist needs to be fired! Don't get me wrong B can perform her ass off but I mean put some kind of creativity into your tour. You're suppose to be Beyonce` the great and people have placed standards. B's tour looks cute, will I get a ticket? Maybe, If she gets it together before she hits the states.

Watch the clips below to sample the tour.

P.S the videos are low quality and clearly recorded by fans. Bare with me until I recieve official copies.

To be Fierce or not to be Fierce?

Opening- "Sweet Dreams"


"Scared Of Lonely"

Skit-" Be More Fierce"




Defiled87 said...

I see she is trying to fall down steps


I know right!?

Napolian said...

i mean i love Beyonce but she is just about at the end of it with her music career i think. this prolly will be the last tour or close to last. all i can say is when ur time is done...its done.