Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mariah Carey- "Obsessed" ( Video Shoot )

For MC's latest single, Obsessed, she underwent a major transformation from a ultra diva to a stalking perv! Definitely taking a different route with this one!

As far as the track goes, I don't believe it deserved the "single treatment". This track is border line corny/OK. I'm feeling the message behind the song though! There is nothing like a delusional stalker who spreads lies about something that never was! Rumor has it that this song was written for MC's number one fan, Eminem. Ouch! Remember those statements he was releasing regarding him and Mariah hooking up? Whether they're true or not, I don't think we will ever find out...or will we? What's a better way of putting him on blast than releasing it as your single? The song is kind of catchy but it's overall blah!

It's true that music is evolving but is the route she wants her sound to take? What ever happened to singles like Vision Of Love and Always Be My Baby? The songs that actually had a meaning worth listening to. Songs that people would actually make it to number one and that people would actually buy!


Shenita said...

its aight i heard the song before. but atleast she gettin back at Em.

Theodore said...

I dont like this song at all!
Maybe she is going a different route with this video but she is not an attractive man!
Yea i miss music real singing with meaning!

Not saying that everything isnt good that is coming out now its almost like artist are singing about whatever will give them a hit!

Defiled87 said...

Beau...I saw you at the mall...lol


OMG, why on earth didn't you speak? It's truly a small world!

M said...

This post is well written. I see how much your writing abilities have improved. Great post, Beau.