Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From A Beautiful Mind

Within less than a month my views of everything has almost completely turned. My priorities have shifted, My suborn eyes have open, and I have received a great amount of blessings. There are many intense situations that I have encountered that have changed my perspective of a lot of people in my life. I've gotten closer with some and distanced myself from others. One out of many lessons I have learned: Only a handful of people can handle a real friend. Some are just accustomed to associates and fake friends. People always wonder why others are always more than willing to become close with Beau Averee. They now know why. Everyone has different definitions of what a friend is. Mine is definitely more family-like than associate-like. If I wanted you to be an associate then I would refer to you as so. I thought that the efforts I put into so many friendships would make a difference, they did, but not the difference I would have liked. Instead I got clarity of people's true intentions and colors. Now I'm always a positive person but I was constantly slammed with negative energy. I overcome. I always asked myself "why do I always over look the ones that I really should be close with and tend to go after the ones who I feel there is a story behind?" There is a story behind everyone. I thought and stated that I needed my best friend. That statement is false. I didn't lie, my emotions steered me wrong. I'm not modest enough not to state that I'am a strong human. There are many mistakes I have made but I'm not perfect. Those mistakes that I gladly endured became a shovel to dig out my own path to where I need to be. Where I wanted to be was definitely not where I needed to be.

"We as human sometimes lose touch of reality and tend to build our own world. A world that revolves around us that denies what is in front of us."- Beau Averee

There are so many people that have came into my life to destroy it and deliver negativity. I'm the kind of person who likes to see the good in people. I believe that I can be the one that can get through steel walls and cross over alligator infested moats. At the end I end up swallowing my words. I have done a great amount of things for people but never have I once asked for anything in return but appreciation. I've had so many people that just take, take, take, and take then I explode. People sure take my kindness for weakness but little do they know it doesn't take much for me to forget them. I will remain generous and kind but now I know who to deliver these things to.

As of today, I have no expectations of people, this way there is no way of me becoming disappointed. I'm letting people play the role they intend to play in my life. I'm not forcing, asking, repeating, and definitely not tolerating anything that isn't meant to be. I'm more focused on MY life. I have a lot going for me and I intend on reaching impossible levels with or without anyone. I'm bringing people close to me who inspire, motivate, and push me to be a better person. So far I have a few that have been here with me since the beginning. I'm ready to move mountains with my energy and I shall. There is a long and foggy road infront of me but I have the sun right behind me. I have embraced. I have accepted. I have grown.

"My life is like wine."-Beau Averee


Jayne Neverow said...

POW!!!! Love it.

Shenita said...

Yep I feel u. No more Mr. Nice guy

M said...


Anonymous said...

positive <3

Alexis said...

Well said, and udnerstood. My you have clearly grown into a fine young man over the past few years since i've seen you last. You are still as fly as ever but the way you put together your thoughts is brilliant ! kudos to u being so mature and putting ur third eye to use ! luv

lilith marshall said...

inspiring piece!


Thank you so much for the love and support! I truly appreciate the feedback!

- Beau Averee