Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Broken Hearted Girl" & "Ego" (Remix)

Beyonce realeased her "Iam..." anthology video album today and released Broken Hearted Girl".

Beyonce is definitely giving us some of her acting chops in this video. I love the translation of the mood in black and white and then the transition in color. It's simple but it works! This is one of her most heart felt records on her latest LP.

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The "Ego" (Remix) video is the same as the original, just Kanye's scene edited in . Blah. I appreciated the choreography but to entertain and satisfy someone like me, you need to go that extra limit. Kanye's verse is the business!

More Beyonce releases later on today.

What do you think of the video?


Brioni Chanel said...

i love this video

M said...

Very angelic.

Anonymous said...

BHG made me tear <3

Shenita said...

I love the video and the song

lilith marshall said...

its ok