Thursday, June 18, 2009

Behind The Scene "Sweet Dream"

"Welcome to Brooklyn!"

I'm finally seeing some kind of real personality from Beyonce, rather than that fabricated image. I'm definitely feeling this video and I'm so happy she stepped out to work with an up and coming director for this one! She gets props for that. Looks like this one should be a winner. It's something completely different than what you would expect from Beyonce, let's hope I don't have to take that statement back.


Shenita said...

Ughhhh I can't wait until the video come out. Of course Ray would be the first to see it. This is one of my favorite songs.

Anonymous said...

I SOOOOOOO Cant wait until this video come thru. I'm loving this little teaser video, OMG. THANK YOU. You made my night! I love you, can i take you home with me :)


lilith marshall said...

well said beau!

Theodore said...

Yes finally a new real video im excited!