Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Solange Knowles' Pussysuit

Singer/Songer writer/ Actress Solange Knowles performed at the 39th annual LGBT San Francisco parade in this rainbow metallic catsuit. Solange looks like a gay super hero, in a good way. I really like this get-up! Leave it to SK to have them talking!

SK flaunted her outfit via Twitter and also talked about her experience:
"Had a blaasssst. Camel toe and all! SF pride I wuv you and I wouldn't have missed ya for tha weeerrllld."


lilith marshall said...


Shenita said...

I love the outfit i know she was hot as hell lmao. and she said she had a camel toe

Theodore said...

I couldnt believe she really wore that rainbow catsuit! Its Cool

i pictured it differently though!

M said...

She's pretty cool for that.

Anonymous said...

Rainbow power! <3