Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stylecon: Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon's music has graced our ears for years. Her style has set major trends from the music industry to the runway. Constructing a band, Sonic Youth in 1981 associating with the "No Wave" movement in NYC, Gordon always expressed her taste in fabric with fitted shirt dresses, Disco sequin infused tops, and trashed denim. Even though Gordon refuses the title of "Fashion Icon" she is very much so involved in the fashion industry, so much as that she created her own line, Mirror/Dash .In an interview with the New York Times, Kim Gordon explains the intentions of her line:

“We’re actually trying to do something a little less trend oriented, a little more classic, that might appeal to someone say who used to shop at Urban Outfitters but wants something slightly less young looking.”

Hint magazine called the collection “edgy” and “feminine,” adding that Mirror/Dash includes “minimal, wearable and with organic materials, featuring slouchy T-shirt dresses and smart cropped blazers.” This line is what numerous Urbanheads, People who shop at Urban Outfitters 24/7, are strutting down the paved sidewalks in New York. With classic lines and shapes as well as rocking out to my favorite Sonic Youth jam, "Sugar Kane", Kim Gordon is a Stylecon.


M said...

I feel so old.

Anonymous said...

UO & KG are a match made in heaven! <3

Anonymous said...

im lovin the new STYLECON posts

lilith marshall said...

well written