Friday, October 17, 2008

"Hello Hearbreak"

Ummm yea...Michelle Williams only sold 14,000 copies of her Unexpected in her first week.

I actually liked her album it was something totally different from what you would expect from Michelle but I think she should get shipped to the UK right along with Kelly Rowland. I know she would be more successful there because of the vibes her songs portray. The UK embraces a wider variety of genres rather than just Pop and R&B. They allow artist to test and experiment with their work rather than placing them in a box and set whats expected from them.

America isnt all the way complete in the process of fresh and unique music. For example Solange's Sol-Angel and The Hadley Street Dream, That album was off the hook! I Loved it! It's still on repeat! but yet its peak was only number 9 on the billboard charts. Hence Solange's mix tape record " Fuck The Industry".

People are so used to this artificial bubble gum shit! It sickens me how people pass up and dismiss great music.

If you get a chance download Michelle's " Hello Heartbreak" and " Stop This Car" and let me know exactly how you feel. try to undo the brainwash that the U.S society has processed and just let go..

Peace, Love, Music, and Sex

Beau Averee

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