Saturday, October 11, 2008

"If I Were A Boy"

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Factory made Beyonce` is Back! I wish she just would come out and say "This isn't who I'am, I've been trained and now it's time to show you who I'am. I'm ready to make music that can be felt in the bones."

To be honest I really didn't like her new singles at all..But after I heard them a coupe of times, just like any other Beonce` song, It grew on me.

I LOVE the video! Can't wait to see "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)".

Let It Marinade..Thoughts?

1 comment:

This Bug said...

This vid is conceptually amazing. I freakin' love how it switches at the end. While she's not one of my faves by far- I still have to give due credit. Good song...made even better by a great video. Thanks for posting.