Friday, October 17, 2008

Faceoff: Obama VS. Mccain

The October, 15, 2008 debate was held literally right up the block from me. I personally want to thank the senators because they were the reason classes were cancelled at my college, THANK YOU rusty old man with bright yellow teeth and THANK YOU future president!

Sidebar: Did you notice how Obama kept laughing and rolling his eyes at Mccain? LOVE IT!

Besides that, Obama was swinging! He laid out his plan perfectly and plainly said this is my blueprint for our future and I believe that my actions as President will fully satisfy your needs and they will! For those who keep saying "Well Obama's plans will raise our taxes!" well its like this would you rather send your child to school and have to worry about their protection? would you want your child to get just enough education? would you want to keep a job thats paying you minimum wage and is making you work your ass off? Do you want to keep living pay check to pay check?Do you want to keep spending all your tax money on war rather than natural energy? EXACTLY, Hell No! So STFU and let him restore our America!

VOTE FOR OBAMA OR SHE WILL BE YOUR PRESIDENT!( Ill Give Mccain 6 months in office IF he evens makes it):

BTW Obama you need to find a way to make getting frozen when you die a little cheaper because I dont have Disney money right now and you and I both know that greatness just can't be placed in a box and get buried!

Peace, Love, Music, And Sex

Beau Averee


This Bug said...

Yeah, Mr. Impacted Wisdom Tooth got owned. Those who beg to differ are in serious denial.

This Bug said...

You know, I think I failed to mention just how creepy that Mini Sarah Palin really is in this vid. Yikes!