Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Good Life: Solo Edition

Solange seems to be have had tons of fun in Barcelona! Solo, her son Juelz, and her band are now on tour! Currently in Paris. Who says you can't mix business with pleasure? These pictures truly inspire me and this summer I hope to be on the road wayy more! It's great to live life and travel with people who love you.

Now if that doesn't look finger lickin' good!

Maybe I should listen to my father and take time out to travel with him.

I know "Make-up Forever" when I see it!

Sol-angel & The Hadley Street Dreams.


Shenita said...

Owww what you tryna do this summer??


We're going everywhere! I'm trying to have the meanest tan! lol

P.S don't forget to have your passport before December! (Paris)

Shenita said...

I cant wait!!!! oh and Solo is also lookin nice too. that food her son had is making me hungry lol

M said...

Solo is the best way to go, Beau.

M said...

and I hope you find wonders just as amazing as you are!