Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekly Figures

Song Of The Week:

Bumpin' to Sasha Fierce's- Ego

"I Like To Think I Was Created"

Quote Of The Week:

"Work Hard, Play Later"

Recommended Product:

The Royal Treatment Give your skin the royal treatment: This formula was created for the Queen of Hungary as an elixir of youth. The half-toner, half-serum combo smoothes wrinkles and minimizes pores.

-Grape Extract: Boosts microcirculation.

-Essential Oil of Rosemary: Tones.

-Essential Oil of Balm Mint: Acts as an astringent.

-Orange Blossom Water: Soothes.

This is a lightweight and fast absorbing mist that you can carry around in your bag for your daily quick sprits. It instantly tightens up your while smoothing out your complexion. Definitely a MUST HAVE! I live by this and Im out of it! Check your local Sephora or click on the link to order online.

Drink Of The Week: Between the Sheets


Ingredient (Click ingredient for more recipes)
1 Shot
White Rum
1 Shot
De Kuyper Triple Sec
1 Shot
Three Barrels Brandy
1 Shot
Lemon Juice
1 tsp sugar


PreparationShake in ice. Strain into Martini glass.

This is quick and easy cocktail to mix on those days when you have no time to go out and buy supplies and an uninvited guest shows up lol..let's just hope you won't end up quick and easy.

Click on the links to get recipes on cocktails that contain that specific ingredient.

Random Thought:
" I wonder if other people like getting the Charlie Horse Leg during sex?"

Peace, Love, Music, And Sex
Beau Averee

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This Bug said...

Oh, the inevitable Charlie hurts so good. LOL.