Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Master This Lesson

"Ive been waiting all my life to finally find you just so I can push you away.. And when you're crawling back through broken glass to get to me.. thats when I'll let you stay.."

When I was free writing a few years back a wrote a dramatic poem that included this piece. I stumbled upon alot of material I had totally forgot about! This fraction of a poem stood out to me for the simple fact that I still feel the same way when it comes to the being worthy of my embrace. Not that I'm self-absorbed or anything but I know that in today's world you can't just declare emotions- you have to prove them.

Its definitely not an ego as many people would think.

Today's society is so wrapped up in sex that they have lost their true values. the meaning of love has diminished. couples aren't lasting. People are getting divorced. People are scared to step out of their comfort zone and look beyond societies standards to look for genuine happiness. They settle for what holds them up for that time period. Don't get me wrong- SEX IS IMPORTANT! But it shouldn't justify a breakup or keep you in an unhappy relationship.

Solution: TEACH THEM! or call me! I know a thing or two about how to keep it spicy in the sheets!

Besides Sex, People aren't trying hard enough these days. I know that the economy is in bad shape but don't let that discourage you! Barack Obama IS President now you know! BE PATIENT! Economy isn't the only one in bad shape as you can see- so is love.

As the Japanese lady in the spa tells me while doing my facial " Be Patient!" * In an Asian accent*.

What does my quote make you think about?

LOVE, Peace, Music, and SEX

Beau Averee

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This Bug said...

Bring your spice rack, Beau. A b*tch need some tips! LOL.