Friday, November 14, 2008

The Healer

I can't breathe because you're still here
I can't write because my flowing tears have conquered
I feel the ghost of my past haunting me
Torturing me with every engraved flashback
Yet you're millions of footprints away
I don't consume your mind as you do mine
My hand is numb
My breathe is cold
For you my heart still beats
Damn Fate for allowing the weeping trees to collapse!
Yearning to nuture
You're weary
I've been deprived
Not just from my dignity
But from my spirit
This land was mine before it became ours
I have lived in the darkest age
Though it may seem I have overcome
The chambers of my heart have created a maze
My heart still burns like the morning sun
Baby it's your after glow
Iam that moon
Iam that sun
Longing for another day...

Beau Averee

1 comment:

Theodore said...

your writing and the way u use metaphors and imagery is amazing
it captures me everytime