Thursday, February 19, 2009

Marc Jacobs Fall '09

Marc Jacobs has always been awkward and head on to embracing alot of fashion , but this collection is anything but placid. Being a mix of trends, colors, styles and fabrics that have been carefully yet wildy been placed together, and it works! Starting with nice gray silhouettes, classic pants and ending with football shoulders and bold bright acid colors. See the whole bright colors and 80s look has been long gone for me ( I see alot of people haven't got the memo) but this collection obtained and captured the soul of the 80s just in the right light .
You can now look through your mother’s and possibly grandmother’s closet But you better pay your undivided attention to velvet, scarves, satin topper coats, cardigans and flannel pants to properly deliver!

As for other features, the collection is full of neon-sparked fabric , simple chic and artsy eighties spirit. His fashion is outrageously fun and well put together brave … like?


This Bug said...

I just love the way the colors pop! Thanks for posting.

Nicole said...

God i love marc

Anonymous said...

I love Marc Jacob bags lol

Theodore said...

Lmao at Shenita's comment. I love Marc's innovation and ability to see beyond the classification and guidelines of the fashion industry, but idk there is something about this collection that just seems a little dated to me maybe its the overall styling i.e. makeup, hair and all but idk...i do love selected pieces though