Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aubrey Does Chelsea

I feel like Aubrey has been getting ragged by the media and you know people always believe what the media says! Why are people so disgusted about her doing Playboy and being comfortable with her sexuality? isn't that what most people what in society?- to be accepted? I feel like the reality show has made her look like a slut. I absolutely love Aubrey! I was reading her interview for complex and I LOVED IT! She doesn't hide anything much like most of these little starlets that we admire. I applaud Aubrey for coming out and showing who she really is and defintely for saying F*ck Diddy! Out of all the girls shes the one thats getting work and even though most may say because people have an addiction to a bad girl and a rebel, I believe that she isn't rebeling against anything! she's just being Aubrey! And for people who were puzzled by her statement about doing Playboy to empower women, My exact words were " People are going to flip on this one." Just because people's closed mind would automatically ask the question- " How does getting naked for a magazine empower women?." Well obviously she loves her body and who she is! she is comfortable in her own skin and thats one thing that most people arent, COMFORTABLE IN THEIR SKIN. So what if she parties, Dont you?, So what if she gets drunk, Dont you?, so what if her mind is always in the gutter, Isnt yours?

*SB* LMAO @ Aubrey for saying " I did! and so did D.Woods, ds here today!" when Chelsea said she had been kicked out of Danity Kane.

You can hang Aubrey!



Theodore said...

ughh she just doesnt do it for me
shes the type of person that i dont wanna get close too
dont know why but
hey...i admire her confidence though

Defiled87 said...

Thank you for leaving this little tid bit. I have mixed emotions about her though. I like her spunk and her sass, but she should have thought about her group members. She shouldn't have been so proud. She may have an avenue after DK but most of them don't.

Anonymous said...

SHES A WHORE!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

dat bish is wild! but she cool