Saturday, February 27, 2010


Rusty white wires

Howling black vivid memories

Within the pounding walls of my heart lived a lion with glass eyes

Throughout this dark land lies some kind of pure hope

Searching far and wide for destiny's unknown kiss

Paranoid in yesterday's hazy mystery

Tomorrow could never be so close

Enchanted willows begin to sprout walking leaves

Whispering rain summons the pixies

A world trapped in a mirrored box with nothing but God's light to save it

I'm still brave

I still wear my wit on my sleeve

I still sip beer from a champagne flute

I still rise above your expectations

Peer through the choking glass and welcome a new era

Moments after Love's war, I stand here before you

Everything still looks the same, but one thing

I can't see you anymore

As hard as I try to squint to make you magically appear, I can't

A weary tear falls for our memories, but a sharp grin forms shortly after

You didn't make it

You weren't strong enough

You weren't charming enough

You weren't real enough

Love takes no prisoners and only sees combat

Only a handful of us can say that we have survived being a soldier of love

And Love can say only a few of us have been true to it

I walk these streets holding my head up high because only God and I know my relationship with love

I have sacrificed love for the good life with no regrets

I'm blind to Love's sneaky bleeding colors

You had your chance, but didn't own up to your hype

Luckily, I don't kiss and tell


This Bug said...

"And Love can say only a few of us have been true to it."

Wow! Fan-fuckn-tastic, Beau! So much truth and beauty in your woven words. Rock on.

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