Saturday, August 8, 2009

But You're Nothing But Pollen

Staring from down in the soil, I saw huge bulbs ready to blossom
Some already mature enough to spread their petals across the lengthy fields
The sight led to a quick gust of golden dust dancing in the wind
It was you
I know it was
How can you come from something so beautiful?
As the roses,daises, and violets get their beauty sleep for tomorrow
You produce
When the sunflowers stretch their arms in the morning
You gently glide off of them and start your madness
From one field to the next you plot your moves
I'm still stuck on: "how can you come from something so beautiful?"
You're just so full of the opposite force and the way you rain dance makes me shiver
Whispering to the wondrous elk trees you start building your army
With your shiest walk and your convincing glare..
You manage to set the tone for war
Even though all of the flower garden wants to live in harmony, you still declare war
This metallic aura that is dust shall be a mere illusion by dusk
I hope
But wait.. hope has let me down before, so I have nothing
You will win this battle but we all know who wins the war
As you prance around with your artificial laughter
You mesmerize those who don't know any better
I know better so that's why I'm immune to the metronome
As you continue your daily routine
You spot your favorite place to plant your chaos
Our relationship died right where it started
At the cemetery


dionna venus said...

I thought you were talking about me for a second... lost for words...if anything what is your motif of this poem...does it have many?

Anonymous said...